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  1. Can a 911 call be admissible in court as evidence? If so, why would a prosecutor withhold such evidence?
  2. I'm assuming documents that the inmate has that would help his case.
  3. Any possible reasons why the county of a particular state would deny an inmate his legal work when he was sent back to county on appeal?
  4. Would being forced by the court to be represented by an attorney who the defendant had a conflict of interest with be a post conviction issue?
  5. I see, thank you so much for your information and time!
  6. I'm afraid I myself would need more information about what portion(s) the transcript was used. He was convicted during his initial trial, but he appealed saying that the court denied his right of self representation and he was given a reversal and a remand. Before his second trial, he asked his attorney via letter about the possible use of the old transcript in the second trial and he received a reply telling him what I stated in the original post. If the statement from his lawyer about the prosecutor not using the first transcript from the initial trial would be incorrect is that improper counseling?
  7. My boyfriend ( who is incarcerated in Oregon ) was told by his appellate attorney that the transcript of the first trial would not be used in the second trial because it would violate his due process rights. However, in his second trial, they did end up using that transcript against him and decided to uphold his conviction. What I would like to know is who would be in the wrong? The attorney or the court? If the attorney was wrong, would that be grounds of improper counseling for a post conviction case? Thank you for responding.
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