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  1. So legally, what are the reasons you can get moved to another jail. He is on a Federal hold they aren't going to come get him and take him to court in a different county on a county warrant. That cost to much money for them to do that at least that's what I am being told.
  2. Yes, he has and she is trying to come up with something clever to get him moved back to the county that his warrants are in, so then she can request another hearing in federal court. So he can get released to house arrest.
  3. He is awaiting federal court in the same county as his warrants, it's just that the Federal MARSHALLS put him in a different county jail and now he can't get released on house arrest until those warrants are recalled or he appears before the judge on them. So he needs to have a reason to ask to be moved to another jail. Like if he knows someone in jail with him that he had info on their court case could he maybe get moved away from that person?
  4. What if four ppl are indicted on the same charge but one of the charged didn't have any contact or knowledge of any activity that was being done during the months of the investigation? Didn't know two of the others charged and hadn't spoken to the third one in over two years? How would they come up with conspricay then?
  5. What exactly is conspricay and what do the Feds have to have to indict you on a conspricay to distribute 500 grams or more of meth?
  6. I have a friend that needs to be transferred from the county jail he is being held in to the county jail he has warrants in. He is on a Federal hold and if the warrants he has in another county were dismissed then he could be put on house arrest. So what ways has anyone heard of inmates being moved from one county jail to another?
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