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  1. The onsite manager was no help at all, never answers the phone. We had initially had a problem finding out who the actual owners are being that this is a large apartment complex. After contacting the local Department of Revenue I found that the property is listed as owned by an individual but under a trust company. My son has sent an email and is now waiting on a response.
  2. My son just moved into a rental property 10 days ago, on 9/26/16 the kitchen sink clogged and over flowed. When he finally got in touch with the complex manager they sent a plumber to unclog the sink. Well on Tuesday when he arrived home from work the kitchen was flooded again. The complex manager then advised him to speak with someone else, which he did. When he arrived home from work on Wednesday there were men in his apartment with digging in the floors with jack hammers. He was not notified that anyone would be given access to his apartment nor that there would be grave size holes in his kitchen and living room floors. He is the single parent of a 14 year daughter that sometimes has to return home from school alone. Also, he works a second job which he has to report to at 11:00pm. The workers wanted to work in his apartment all night. He made them leave. The holes go all the way through the ground to the pipes underground, now he is afraid that rodents will enter his apartment. My questions: since he has only been in this apartment for 10 days, is this cause for him to break his lease and should the complex owners be held responsible for replacing his dishes that were damaged, feeding him and his daughter since the use of the kitchen was taken away, and should they be required to either move him to another apartment or putting him up in a hotel or motel until the work is complete? The workmen informed him that they don't know how long this will take since the problem is underground.
  3. There were no wills. The house is located in Missouri and it has never been in probate. After my grandparents died the house deed was somehow put into my two uncle's names, who are now both deceased. The last one living passed away in April of this year. While he was ill the state of Missouri required that he have no assets in order for him to receive medical care, so my cousin had to put her name on the deed. When he passed away, I was told that the home would be turned over to me if I moved in and made all of the necessary repairs and kept the home in the family, which I have done so far. Well, I just found out that one of my aunts went behind my back and got my cousin to sign an affidavit turning the deed over into her name. I want to know if I have any legal recourse since I have already lived there for 4 months and have put major money into the property.
  4. My grandparents purchased a home in 1952, both have been deceased since the early 1990's. My uncle has been living in the home. He passed away in April of this year. My mother is the oldest child of my deceased grandparents, she now suffers from dementia, We have Power of Attorney over my mother's affairs. I need to know in what order would my grandparents home be passed down. Would it go to my mother's children or her next oldest sibling?
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