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  1. We own 2 parcels of land that are connected but listed as 2 separate parcels in Waushara County, WI. The first is 2.5 acres and the second one bought is 5.5 acres. We have spent a lot of money to put in electric, a well/water and a septic system on the 2.5 acres over the past couple of years. We have a 38 foot RV that we use as our season residence on OUR property with full hooks ups while we have the plans drawn up for our Cottage that we will be building in the next year or 2. We live and work about 2 hours away from our property that we have up north and we are not able to stay there 24/7 all spring/summer/fall but we try to get there every week at some point to enjoy the land. We leave the RV there plugged in to the water sewer and electric lines when we leave so when ever we can we just run up to the property and were ready to go. It's in a nice well groomed area of our property with flowers planted and a table and chairs on the patio type area etc. It's not just a junky old abandoned trailer left in the middle of the field. One of our neighbors wrote a letter to Waushara County complaining about our RV being parked on our property and says its illegal. We just received a letter stating we are in violation of the Waushara County Rules and states that we cannot leave out RV parked on our Property unless we are there with the RV at all times. If we leave we have to take it with us, or we have to park it in an enclosed building. If we had 10 acres we could file for a special land use permit or something like that Or we could move it to another property that has a dwelling on the property. (My aunt and Uncle own the property right next to us another 2.5 parcel and they have a cottage.) So what they are saying is I could unhook and move my RV about 300 feet onto their property and leave it there all season when ever I'm nit suing it because they have a dwelling, but I'd have no hook ups like water sewer or electric, but I cannot leave my RV on MY property hooked up to all utilities unless I'm there all the time. This makes no sense to me. We read the rules of season residence in their so called zoning rules and we feel that we are meeting the requirements necessary. They now say that travel trailers (which ours is not, it's an RV) cannot be considered as a seasonal residence. We pay our taxes we files for all the proper permits when getting the water, sewer and electric. We keep out property nice and well kept and are continuing to do improvements to it all the time. Why is it some nosey neighbors business what I have on my property when it's all legit and in good condition etc. How do they even know when we are there or not there with the RV are they watching me pull in and out of my longs tree lined drive everyday? We will be going to our appointed court date to fight this and ask for a trial if necessary and If I need to get a lawyer I will. Is there something a lawyer can do to help us do you think?
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