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  1. No , no total has been said..just that i needed to start paying and they would gather the invoices up..I did ask for them on many occasions and i keep getting the runaround..Most of repairs were not done by their maintenance ..Nothing is in writing..I think my lease says i am responsible for fire damage..I am still moving in and havent found it yet
  2. I want to thank you so much for taking time to help me..I still havent made my mind up but I cannot trust what they say..Thank you again very much..
  3. There was no papers signed and i did ask for the invoices and they were demanding i make a payment when i moved back in. The property manager told me she would have to gather them up and the next day it was she would have to talk to the vendor and the next day it was she had some not all and needed to talk to the vendor and i could pay one invoice at a time and she still never produced..so they have agreed to let me see them but not producing them..
  4. I just moved back in when I made the first payment..Can they evict me if I stop paying? One of the reasons I want to see the invoices is they are telling me the entire apartment was primed and painted..I have pictures that say otherwise..I want to pay what I owe but not for something that obviously is not the truth.
  5. I recently caused damages to apt and have agreed to repay all damages, or dedutible for insurance. We agreed on monthly payments..Repairs were made and I made first payment. The complex is corporate owned and I have asked to have copies of all invoices for repairs and they are not wanting to give to me..Am I entitled to see the amount from the invoices or do I have to take their word for the cost.
  6. I have lived in an apartment complex for 9 years...Recently I had a grease fire that caused extensive damage to the unit..I forgot about the grease and by the time i caught it the cabinets were already on fire...The smoke alarms never went off because, accorrding to the fire marshal, were hung too low for my cathedral ceilings..I live in Tennessee and also have Section 8..It has been 2 months since the fire..I had to move all of my stuff out so the company they hired could come in and clean..That was 6 weeks ago and nothing has been done to the apartment except removal of carpet and cabinets..I understand it was my negligence..I dont have renters ins..The insurance the complex has, has a $10.000 deductible..I have agreed to pay 200 a month on the damages..They wanted me to start paying before they have even paid any invoices..I have told them i wanted copies of all paid invoices but none yet..I feel like they are intentionally trying to get me to move...My section 8 has put their payment on hold and my portion i havent paid either...I offered to do the painting, as i have already painted the entire apt 2 times in 9 years with paint they provided..Now they are saying i cant do the painting for safety reasons..possibility of falling..???? Could they be partially liable for some of the cost because of the smoke detectors? i was told in the beginning it would take 2 to 3 weeks and now its going on 2 months..Is there a certain amount of time they have to do the repairs and can i do the painting myself..I have told the property manager to have the vendor call me and been told 4 times she would call same day but never has...Just wanting to know my rights and responsibilty..
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