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  1. Jack, thank you so much for helping me out in answering my questions regarding my grandmothers case. Sincerely, Oregongrl
  2. How much would it cost to have one written up?
  3. Do you think it would do myself any good to have a attorney write a letter to him on my behalf, because a has more power behind a letter then myself is all?
  4. Pg1067 My grandmother passed away in 2009
  5. Jack, Thank you very much Jack! Today I called Tillamook County Recorders office & nothing I am kind of stuck and need to forget about the "Will". Just one question if I may, regarding our mothers pictures I have the letter written by my grandmother do you think I could win a court case because of the written letter? I have attached the letter so you are able to read it & what might it cost me to get a attorney to handle this situation? Thank you for all of your efforts & help!!!! Angela
  6. My grandfather told my husband & my brother on (2) separate occasions. My grandmother would of probably redone the (Will) before she passed away that is just word say from my uncle. My reasoning is to find out what this (Will) said & get pictures of my mother who died when I was 4 years old, which I have a written letter from my grandmother saying us children once we were adults could have the pictures with signed signature.
  7. My grandfather when he was living told my husband & my oldest brother on (2) separate occasions. 

  8. I was told that there was a "Will" done years ago before my grandfather had passed away & my uncle told me that my grandmother could of redone the "Will" after the passing of my grandmother. My grandmother passed away years ago and I had tried to find out where the "Will" might be but was told by my uncle he was not sure where this "Will" is. After that conversation with my uncle he avoids running my calls, siblings and other family members calls it's like he is completely avoiding the whole family all together. So right now I am just trying to find this "Will" and it should of been registered in Tillamook county she lived in Manzanita, Oregon. Thank you! Oregongrl
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