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  1. Ex-Boyfriend now and yes I was the victim. The police were called out to the house on Monday (by him) and Tuesday (by me) because he had thrown me on the ground (3 times on Monday & 1 time on Tuesday) and banged my head into the tile floor repeatedly. The police were unable to make an arrest at the time because our stories conflicted and the bruising hadn't shown up yet. On Saturday he grabbed me by my jacket collar, threw me onto the couch and then onto the ground (and into a moving cart). He then threw me back on the couch, started choking me (pulling up on my neck while doing so) and ended his assault by punching me once on the right side of my head (temple, ear) and once on the top left side of my head. He had a gun in his waste band while he did this. The drug charges were from the police finding his meth pipe with a little dope in it when they came out here on Monday. He tried blaming the pipe on me and of course I said it wasn't mine so the police didn't arrest either of us for it on Monday however the police have now charged him with that too. Now that you have a little more detail what do you think the outcome might be and what am I going to have to go through (court process)?
  2. Wondering if anyone has any idea of what type of sentence may be imposed on a male who doesn't have a prior record and is looking at PODP (possession of drug paraphernalia), POSS METH (possession of meth), MISCONDUCT-FIREARM, AGG DV ASSAULT and DV ASSAULT?
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