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  1. My husband incorporated a Consulting company (Inc) in my name registered in Illinois in last quarter of 2013. I was 100% owner of the company. My husband was employee of that company. Bank account in company’s name was opened in Charlotte. Account was operated jointly with my husband for convenience. In January 2015, due to problem in marriage, I had to go to India with my parents. I returned to USA in December 2015. We have Filed law suit for divorce and property distribution. My husband did not pay tax, file IRS return (federal and state) but in April/May 2015 withdrew all money during my absence and without my knowledge (though I am the 100% owner of the company) from the Bank Account in NC and closed it to fix me in IRS problem. He didn’t give any details of the company, allow company CPA to file returns etc. I had to file return, pay tax and penalty by borrowing from relative. At present, I am at great loss and trauma. My question is that I am 100% owner of Inc and husband was employee of the company. He was allowed to operate jointly for convenience. Can he withdraw all my money and close the account without my consent? He embezzled all money either in his account, in cash or transfer elsewhere. Does it become a crime in law? If yes, what kind of crime and what remedy is available? Can I get my money back? If yes, how? If no, what should I Do?
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