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  1. Culomalo

    My Tree

    It does not hang over any structure or fence on their property.
  2. Culomalo

    My Tree

    My oak tree is probably 75 years old. The base of the tree is 6 feet on my side of the property line, but the stump grows on an angle towards the property line. at about the 10 foot height the tree crosses the property line then grows straight up from there. My wonderful neighbors are building a new house and have asked me if they could trim or cut down my tree. The tree is in good health and is home to many birds and squirrels and provides shade to my porch and dock. I have owned this property for 2 years and since I have bought it they have asked the question "What are you going to do with that tree?". I don't plan to remove the tree until it dies. Can they legally trim my tree?
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