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  1. When I talked with company insurance attorney first time he told me that it is best for me to give him the statement and it is for my benefits. I called him & asked him before I left the state do I need an attorney and his respond was '' if needed I can recommend one '' which I did not look for any.
  2. Unfortunately yes, I have been gone for 4 months and missed 3 court dates and whenever I called company lawyer but he never picked phone or answered my e-mails.
  3. I was training my passanger to take care of the route while I am on vacation and a day before the accident truck had excatly same problem in different location in NJ. He did same thing, went out of truck and start looking around garbage area for metal. When same problem happened first time 2 cops arrived and push the truck behind while I am behind to wheel to park the truck safest place which is out of traffic. My guy was one of those guys were looking for metal things around at all customers drop stops. I guess he was selling them. on mycareless driving ticket it says : likely to endanger person or property. Yes Feb. 26. 2016 and no I did not went vacation right away. After accident I went to police head quarters with cops and they checked on me and tested me did I had any alcohol or anything like that, including blood test but I didn't had any of those. I went to vacation as it planned 3 days after incident. At headquarters I couldn't give any statement about incident because I wasn't well. My boss picked me up and next day I talked with company insurance lawyer. I gave my statement to him and asked him to is there any problem for me to go vacation or do I need to let police know that I have preplanned vacation. He said not to talk with anyone including polices and he will take care of it. My return date was Feb 22 2016 unfortunately couldn't make it because of family matter. Yes They issued the tickets while I was on vacation and no they did not alert me, there is total 6 tickets, 3 of them to company and 3 of them for me. Company insurance lawyer told me to let him know if I received any tickets upon my return and it is very important but none of my boses went my home and checked out is there any or not while I am on vacation. I found out online. .
  4. If I knew how he got struck or injured I would have said it.
  5. Hi. . . I had an accident on 26/2/2016 (5 am ) Riverdale, NJ at route 23 north after company truck broke down on the hill my guy got out of passenger door. I called my boss to tell him that truck had same problem and it does not run anymore and I got stuck on the highway hill that where is no safe shoulder. After I hang up I looked for my guy to see where he is and saw him 90 feet away on the grass area after pavement. At the moment I couldn't go too far away from truck incase of what if truck rolls over by itself after broke down problem so I decided to move it slowly down to hill to get the truck on safe spot. After I checked around the truck I went in and start going slowly backward down to hill paralel to pavements and stopped where the hill isn't too high. I got out of truck to see where am I at and how far do I have to go down to hill for and look for my buddy. Couldn't see him and when I went into truck right before I start moving again I saw him laying down few feet away front of truck. I went down to check on him and called 911. Police came first 15 mnts after I cooperate with him and 5 mnts after that ambulance arrived. They tried but he was gone by then. I went to police station and done all test. After I spoke with them and told them that I have preplanned vacation to overseas. After that I talked with the compnay insurance lawyer told him everything. He told me there is no problem for me to go vacation and actually it will be good for me to get out of trauma. while I am in vacation I received 3 tickets regarding of accident, Reckless, Careless and unsafe condition of truck and already missed couple of courts. My question is what is the worse case in area of this incident and what I should expect because I will back to US in August, Thank you . . .
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