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  1. My son had an IRA worth about 30k through TD Bank. He elected to close the IRA in beginning of March. First he was told there was a 60 day hold on his money. When that time up, they mailed a check to my son, but put wrong address on envelope. The person that lived at that address decided to try to cash the banks check. Obviously that did not work, and that gentleman is currently in jail awaiting trial. It has now been almost Ten (10) weeks since TD Band disbursed the check originally. My sons money is tied up in a fraud account with TD Bank. He is having trouble getting people to call him back, nobody seems to have any answers as to when his money will be available. This has been a case of gross incompetence on TD Banks part, and since the guy that tried to cash the check was arrested in the bank, this money has never left TD Banks possession. My question is, what type of legal recourse does my son have to recover his money?
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