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  1. the only document that exists is the plot map at city and zoning office. I have pulled everything on every house at the county records office all the way back to the subdividing of the plots there is no easement documents other than utilities easements on all property borders for 10 feet and a natural gas easement when they ran gas in 1996 and the "40' driveway easement "
  2. the driveway that myself and 4 neighbors use to get to our house ,that is an easement across one of the neighbors property. shared by myself and the other neighbors that use the road( again 4 others, 5 including myself) again road, driveway, easement = all the same thing again the driveway that i and my 4 neighbors use to get to our houses again shared by myself and 4 neighbors dirt driveway needs grading as the rains wash away the decomposed granite ( gravel), also needs snow removal as it is hard to drive on 3 feet of snow again road/driveway/easement= all the same can't speculate on why I am not aware of his thoughts the road is my driveway and it is in disrepair because of a lack of maintenance. us all are the dominant estates the responsible party for maintenance.
  3. can I the dominant estate plow my driveway/easement or for that matter buy a tractor and work on the driveway/easement that is on his property?
  4. I am the dominant estate( hence my responsibility for maintenance) he is the serviant estate( my driveway/ easement is on his property). there is no deed as it was platted on the zoning and planning map at the county office when the lots where divided. if it where my land I wouldn't need an easement nor would there be question of me being able to work on the road myself!
  5. it is the responsibility of the dominant estate to maintain an easement on the serviant estates land. serviant land owner is liable, dominant estate is responsible for road maintenance i.e. snow plowing, road grading (gravel road) road, driveway, easement,= all the same thing his concern is someone being insured and bonded to protect himself from lawsuit and bonding to protect his property from damage he asked me to not maintain the road a year ago and now that the road is washing away slowly he has gotten an estimate for work that was 22k. he is having troubles with 2 of his own neighbors threatening to sue for property damages because the culverts are clogged and the road /easement/driveway is washing on to their property. can i get on my 4 wheeler and remove the snow myself or for that matter can I buy a tractor and work on the road?
  6. I understand that it is my shared responsibility to maintain the driveway. Neighbor says I don't have the right to do it myself because I am not licensed and insured. His fear is me hurting myself on his property. I own a 4 wheeler with a plow and have done it along with all the other neighbors until last year he sent us all a letter stating he would not allow us to do maintenance. Now the road is in significant disrepair and he is trying to make us all pay for it. I feel if maintained the road wouldn't be in such bad shape. Can I plow the road myself after it gets fixed? what are my obligations for his 22k bid for redoing the road?
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