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    They said to send form to your doctor. These seems evasive. I've seen 3 different doctors, & went to the emergency room... I don't think she would even know the date, since I saw her about 1-1/2 weeks after the accident ....
  2. Michelle57


    Hello, I am out of work pending approval of a LOA after a car accident. I have submitted several doctors notes & a return to work note. However, my employer will not approve my LOA until my doctor fills out a form with a start & end date due to my injuries, after instructing me I was ok to go on to contact my work office to set up a return eligibility interview. I was released to go back to work on 7/18, but I am unsure what date should be the start date for several reasons: - After being out on paid sick leave for several days, I attempted to return to work. I could not, went out sick again. - Human resources instructed me to file for LOA. - I am unsure what would be the official LOA date? What date would be correct ? Thank you for your time, Michelle ,
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