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  1. I thought I might like this sight but since seeing the smart ass remarks ,I've changed my mind!!!!!!
  2. I desperately need help legal representation I can't afford, I've been targeted for many years b/c my Father was fighting to prove his innocence from Death Row and 27yrs later it was proven,Sadly he died before his release. Due to my Father having to wait 27yrs&losing his life trying to get Justice. I have no trust in the Judicial System, he was framed by a Judge & prosecutor .I've been charged with charges I'm not guilty of & b/c I can't afford high dollar Attorney, I'm terrified a court appointed Attorney is going to cause me to have to take a plea bargain which is so wrong to have to say I'm guilty of something I'm not b/c I'm disabled and can't afford good Attorney on 1st Degree Assault w/deadly weapon and intimating a witness.My sister and I were both charged with assault charge.
  3. I know u can be charged with harassment via social media in Alabama.
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