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  1. I had signed a month to month contract with an amendment if I purchased a home I could move out as long as they had a prospective renter. I contacted my landlord 30 days after I moved out regarding my deposit and was told I would not be getting any of it back 1-I gave them short notice and they lost out being able to rent it to personal friends. 2-additional damage to the wood floor due to leaky door that has been an issue for years prior to me moving in ( wife owner of the house told me damage was not my fault as the door has been an issue for years and they have just avoided putting in a whole new door). Was told entire wood floor would need to be replaced which exeded my $1800.00 deposit. Owner never did provide me with a cost repair expense list. Current renter informed me wood floor has not been replaced at all and door has not been replaced at all. They had numerous people look at it and did not have a problem renting it right away. What are my chances of getting my deposit back in small claims? It thought in Arizona he had 15 days to return my deposit or provide a detail repair expense.
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