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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses. To answer the question why I posted the question here, I was not sure where it would go and considered it might have criminal consequences, therefore, I posted it under criminal law. If this was not the correct forum,I apologize, this is a forum to ask questions is it not? Like all here, I was just seeking some possible answers on legality to my questions, not morality issues. Thank you all again for your responses!
  2. I will. But was interested if I did post them after the case was over could I be sued. Just a question, I have enough on this man to kill his dreams in the afterlife ,but, just didn't want to jeapordize my current case by posting them before. He is a terrible person and what he did to me and my kids should be shared. The harrassment, the intentional shirking of his financial obligations, the physical harm, the cheating, and stalking put me in the hospital! I guess, I should right a book someday, lol! Thank you for your answer, very much appreciated.
  3. Good afternoon, Can I be sued or held liable if I post email/text communications between myself and my husband on the internet? We are currently going through a divorce and a lot of the communications pertain to him lying to a judge on the stand proving that he lied and about his assets and threats towards me?
  4. Thank you for your answer! I was just wondering because our son started college courses right after high school graduation and just completed his first semester. This according to MO says the soon to be ex is still obligated to pay child support because he was enrolled and attending classes by October 1 of this year, my concern is that while he will still be enrolled, he wants to sit out Fall semester and attend Spring semester. The statute does not mention actually attending, just the requirement that he is an enrolled student. It gets murky right here. Thanks again.
  5. Good morning, My ex and I are still in dissolution proceedings and it has been a year since the peitition was filed. We have 3 kids, the oldest in particular just graduated from high school May 2016 and he attended his first semester of college during the summer session May through July 2016. My ex is stating that because he is over 18 that he no longer has to support our oldest son but, my attorney, has assured me that as long as he is a full time student, he is not independent. My ex has not supported the oldest since October 2015 when he came back to live with me and his two younger siblings. He lived with his father from June to October 2015 and before that he lived with us both. We split in March 2015. My son would like to sit out the fall semester and resume classes in the winter 2016. My question: Can the oldest son still be considered dependent if he decided to work a part time job for the fall while still living at home and resumed classes in the Winter? My ex is fighting to not have him included in the child support obligations and currently doesn't pay any support for him (we have no final order as of yet because we are still in the middle of trial) and barely pays support for the other two ( he is in arrears $2600), he refuses to pay the oldest medical bills and tuition/books/fees for college, etc. He is also threatening to remove him from his medical insurance he has with his employer.
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