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  1. Things that I ask might be silly, but when you don't know what to ask anything might seem silly, but not to me. Sorry for the information I gave. Thank you so much for your time...
  2. The complaint was ot one filed in a court submitting it to judicial review. It was against a certified mediator which I filed with the Grievance Complaint Committee at the Office of the State Courts Administrator. I am alleging he violated the Rules for Certified Mediators in a quiet title action that went to mediation. The plaintiff was a trustee of a trust; I was a defendant only in the capacity of having an interest in seeing the trustee win. After the case ended, the trustee resigned and I became a trustee. I filed the complaint in the capacity as trutee, not as a defendant. The Mediator Qualification Board dismissed my complaint as facially insufficinet without prejudice, but did not explain what was facially insufficient. I would like to refile, with the problem corrected, but I don't know what problem to correct...
  3. Well, the thing is that we are not married yet, that is why I am using the term "partner". However, getting married it seems, having the same sir-name, would be needed to then file as tenants by the entirety. That is the main goal to protect both of us, as I understand it... So, would it appears that there would be two deed: one being my conveying my interest as a single woman to myself as his wife and to him as my husband, and one being his conveying his interest as a single man to himself as my husband and to me as a his wife, yes? The status of "tenants by the entirety" or " or joint tenants with right of survivorship" require that we be married, right?
  4. Would a quit claim deed suffice in conveying my insterest as a single woman to myself as a married woman?
  5. What constitutes an facically-insufficient complaint against a certified mediator?
  6. I want to do this because my partner is very sick. If he passes away, then his siblings can go to probate court and force me to sell my interest in the property. I want to avoid all that and stay in our house.
  7. The seller, HUD, would have to resign the new deed, right?
  8. What are the procedures to expunge withheld adjudiation orders from the record?
  9. I bought property with my partner and the warranty deed shows our names as single. Now we are married. How can the names be changed to our married names, husband and wife, and include tenants in the entirety?
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