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  1. I did complete an itemized condition report that was provided by the apartment complex where I very very thoroughly listed all of these items. Including the animal feces and the damage to the cupboards, walls and floors. I had pictures but my computer crash a couple months before we moved and I am working to try and recover those files. On the lease agreement deal, We signed/began the lease on the 6th of June, 2015, so I expected it to end on the 6th of June 2016, but they ended it on the 30th of June 2016. Requiring us to pay for a 12 month and 24 days of lease when we requested a 12 month lease. Our fault for not checking but we were not verbally notified of this either.
  2. I am being charged $1000 after my lease for various 'damages'. Almost all of which were present when we first moved in. Including smashed cabinet doors, broken blinds, numerous holes in walls (some with the nails still in them painted over). Then I am being charged to both deodorize and to replace the carpet, which seems to me like you would either do one or the other, why would anyone deodorize a brand new carpet. Then there are multiple 'cleaning fees' , cleaning fee, cleaning blinds fee, etc. Can I dispute these charges successfully? I have been reading and rereading Utah code all day but there are still some confusions I have as to whether I can successful dispute these and how. My biggest Concern in all this is that I don't want to spend hundreds and something that I did not damage. Also, they almost certainly would have had to charge the previous tenant for the damages as they were already there when we move in, so are they just not repairing damages and then charging each new tenant for the exact same thing? that seems more like fraud to me or something? Also, we signed up for a 12 month lease but they put in our lease that we had to pay rent through the end of the month. From what I have known in renting, common practice is to have it end the day it started. So I already had to pay a full months rent when were moved out on the 2nd (lease began on the 6th). Are they exploiting a loop hole to do this? We also did not receive the reasons in which these things were being charged, only that they were. Doesn't Utah code require them to provide an itemize list and the reasons behind each charge? It anyone can help better explain what I have hear, that would be great. I have always been a model tenant according to my other landlords and we spent weeks and money scrubbing that entire apartment. We had the carpets cleaned twice during our year and we cleaned was left behind by the last tenants. (dog feces on balcony, caked on dust on baseboards and laundry room.)
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