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  1. I am an auto mechanic I was working for a independent shop, I have a past issues with abuse of prescription painkillers, that the owners of this shop are aware of when they rehired me. There is no drug testing policy and the only question are you clean ( which I am ) and they hired me back with the only stipulation being stay that way, that being said, a costumer called the day after their car was in our shop stating some prescription medication was missing from their car, now myself and another mechanic worked on this car at separate times and the car also had been unattended while at our shop but I was not only blamed but terminated because of my past without the owners even so much as questioning me about this incident. I was told some medicine is missing out of this car and we are terminating you because of your history with prescription medicine end of story. Is this legal? Can they do that? I didn't take whatever this medicine was out of this car but it didn't matter I was not asked anything about it, I was just told that because of my past that I was the only logical answer.
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