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  1. Issue #1 My husband and I reside in and own 2 homes in Michigan. One of the homes we rent through a property management company. Our former tenants moved out on 5/31/16. When they moved in on 5/31/14 they complete a move in checklist. They did not complete a move out checklist. When we questioned the management company about this, they stated, " We do not ask the tenant to provide a move out checklist as this is what we pay our inspector to provide once the tenant vacates the home." The property management company did complete an inspection of the home however, we requested to be present when this inspection took place. We were told we would be notified of the day and time of the inspection. We were never notified and the inspection was completed without us being present. When the new tenant moved into the home, they found the dishwasher to be broken. They contacted the property management company and submitted a service request. We were contacted by the management company and asked to complete the repairs. At that time, I requested to see the former tenants move out checklist. I also requested to see the inspection report from the management company. When I received the inspection report from the management company, no where on there did it list the dishwasher or any other appliances as being is good condition, working condition, broken, etc. It seems as if they did not conduct a through inspection and since we were not notified of the time and place we could not over see it. In this instance, who would be responsible to pay for the cost of the repair for the dishwasher? Issue #2 There were some minor repairs that needed to be made on the home when the former tenants moved out and there are still repairs that need to be completed. The former tenants paid a security deposit of $1225, a $250 non-refundable pet deposit and a non-refundable admin / move out fee of $250. The management company has stated, " We used the majority of the tenants security deposit towards the damages we covered and any remaining funds were sent to the tenants." Well, I have learned this statement is completely false. I spoke to the former tenant and she reported to me and provided proof through an email that the management company sent to her, that her entire security deposit was refunded to her. What if anything can we do about this? The former tenant received her security deposit back 8 days after vacating the residence and before the management company completed their inspection. There is SSSoOOooooooo much more I could list, but I thought I would just start with this. Any knowledge that can be shed on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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