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    Motion To

    I've actually requested information from a lawyer and offered to pay him for his time. He could not do it. If you know of a lawyer that would be willing to spend an hour or two (with pay) with me, please let me know. I live in Pueblo, CO.
  2. Jan58

    Motion To

    JDF 76 Motion.doc This is the Motion To document that I was talking about.
  3. Jan58

    Motion To

    Would it also work if I were to also disclose my previous bank statements? That's all I have left, is just the previous years statements. I cannot access any other information. He has that.
  4. Jan58

    Motion To

    I've already done a Motion to Compel under C.R.C.P. 16.2. That may not have been done correctly therefore it was denied. Date when court authorized the filing of this motion. Now there is an Order Re: Motion to Compel under C.R.C.P. 16.2. The woman at the self help center said that I may need to create my own form. Lol
  5. I'm trying to find out if my husband has hidden assets. (Asbestos Claim) It was filed several years ago. The impression that I got from the judge is that I need to file a Motion To. The only Motion To is either a basic one which I've done in the past and I was denied. So, why would I use a Motion To again? I'm sure that you'll ask me some more questions. I await your response. Thank you in advance.
  6. Dissipation of assets or an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order- Does this prevent him from purchasing a brand new car during the divorce?
  7. I keep hearing "Get an attorney". If you only knew how hard I've tried to find a pro bono attorney. Everything I try keeps leading me back to the same thing. Colorado Legal Services. They are not available. Colorado Bar Association sends me back to the same place as well.
  8. For the following reasons: (cite any applicable law)
  9. A Motion To: requires you to cite law. In Colorado they go by JDF number. I think that one is JDF 76. For the following reasons: (cite any applicable law)
  10. Isn't it too late for an attorney? I've tried to find an attorney. They want money up front. This has been going on for over a year now. The "FREE CONSULTATION" is baloney.
  11. If he purchases a brand new car during the divorce I know there is an automatic temporary injunction in effect. What can I do? Is there a law besides a Motion To: Also, In his sworn financial statement, there is an asbestos claim with a question mark. How would I go about asking the courts to give me the amount awarded?
  12. I have been going through the divorce for a while. See "Divorce and ALL marital property". I have not been able to get a lawyer. No they don't offer free consultations. The Free consultations on the website expire the second you contact them. I know there is a law that requires him to make all payments during the divorce. I just can't find it. Thank you!
  13. I am in a crunch. Terrible with research! How can I find the legal requirement for my husband, who has all of the income, to make the payments on my vehicle while we are going through the divorce process.
  14. If I have requested multiple times his monthly income and the judge denies it. (I have to see if it was done in a timely manner) and I have medical issues that may have prevented me from requesting the documents in a timely manner.
  15. Just to clarify! They also read the contents of the letter.
  16. Who can I use to serve documents? I can't even afford to use the sheriff's department. Lol
  17. No dispute at this time. Just protecting myself.
  18. My husband sent me papers to back up his claim that a certain vehicle had more miles on it than possible. The documents were falsified. I sent those in with statements from several people that had seen his letter arrive and watched me open the letter and also saw the contents of the letter.
  19. I just received falsified documents from my husband to justify the low value of a vehicle. I submitted letters from several people stating that they were present when I received the letter and opened the letter. Would this not be admissible? I am not sure what document to use to show that he made a purchase of an expensive tool so that I can finally have the magistrate say that these things should be part of the marital property. I believe I may have more grounds for getting her removed from my case.
  20. Submit evidence that my husband falsified documents that were sent to me. Others were present when I received it in the mail. They have written letters to that effect.
  21. An appellate coordinator for state judicial out of Denver is the one who suggested I do something like this. I just thought there may have been another name for it.
  22. When I received a copy of the transcripts and read them there were quite a few discrepancies. I was told to contact the company who transcribes them. When I did the person who returned my call said when I asked her about the discrepancies said they may have shut off the microphone. I then contacted someone else who suggested I do a Motion to request a correction of the transcripts. Pursuant to rule 10e. Is there another name for this? They have to have been erased.
  23. Can a judge force an old woman to work? I spent the majority of my time raising children. Not much time working or adding to my skills by going to school. No retirement available for me yet.
  24. We received the transcripts. It's not at all like the actual hearing/trial. My witnesses who have read it say the same thing. I have found and am submitting the paperwork on the "review of magistrate ruling". Thanks for all of your input. Very helpful!
  25. I received a copy of the transcripts from the permanent orders. I didn't say some of the things that are in the transcripts. I also had witnesses. They agree. There are also things that he said that are missing. What, if anything can I do?
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