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  1. What is the American Automobile Association ???
  2. Sorry this is in Texas, & yes I have a suspended licence, I use my state ID for everything, that ID is under my truck title& insurance as well. LOL sorry again, I meant old lady as in ... my truck. Its a 2004, so I call her old lady. The lady informed me that they took it because the road didn't have shoulders, I have explained to her that what did she expect me to do ? I was in the outskirts by myself, I pushed my truck to the county road myself.. did she expect me to push all they way into town which was 5 miles? I honestly think that they saw dollar signs when they saw it just there.
  3. that's what she suggested that I should've left a note.. & although I thought of it before leaving.. I just thought I'd be back in a bit. Honestly though, would they have HONESTLY listened to a note? & also I am sure that the cop on site would've picked up my info with my licence plate & would've been nice if they called first.
  4. Hi, Friday my vehicle got impounded while I was trying to replace my battery, it overheated, & stopped so it's not like I had a choice on where to park it..however I pushed it out of traffic way& into a county road. While it took me awhile to locate help, take out my battery & find another ride back to my vehicle (approx 4 hours) I returned & it wasn't there so I found out that the town's city police dept. picked it up.. when I spoke to the lady she sounded like she was saying a bunch of excuses but we all know they like to make money obviously, so now my truck is staying there with NO BATTERY at the impound. So I feel like I was done wrong somewhere as I had no choice on any matter because my old lady wanted to stop. there. So my question is there a law that states that authorities shouldn't pick up a vehicle quickly? Example giving it maybe 6 hours, 12 even? giving the citizens a chance to repair? It is normal for vehicles to break down & sometimes it happens in unconvenient places & times. again, it was not in the way of traffic, also the road didn't have a shoulder.. which not my fault. Also when I pick up the vehicle do they just want the money (ins& all) or do they do a lookup on the owners record? any help is appreciated.
  5. Saturday he calls to tell me to leave him the truck while he takes care of the title to me. Which I am not. The vehicle is hidden in a safe area that no one would know about.. We can settle this without it.
  6. FOR BETTER DETAIL OF MY STORY SINCE SOME DONT UNDERSTAND!!!!! The vehicle IS under a man, he is the lien holder.. The asking price of the truck is =$6500. I gave $3500 down & the rest were in bi wkly payments. During the time of making the payment he left for work out of state. So I had to make payments tthrough his wife. I kept the documents & receipts... So I am a bit safe. When I was done in may with the last payment, I have called him asking about the title, he said to wait since he was not there & he said because he may have to be there to sign off the title. Well October came, I called again because the registration expired. He said he was still I n wisconnison or something. That I had to "figure it out" till he comes back. So for three months I have used the paper permit plates that lasts 30 days. I used them all by this month, as of two weeks ago I can no longer drive the vehicle. I have bugged more this wk. Wed he says he will get his wife to find it while he's in El Paso. Thurs I called her & she says she can't find it. I called him & I asked to just let me do a Loss Title on it. He says no because he is the lien holder still. So why can't I do it? Is that true? So he says Fri that he will call the dps to do it by phone... & that he will get it faxed. I messaged him Fri evening asking hi. If it went okay... No answer. When I call the dps they tell me I have to talk to someone that WONT EVEN ANSWER THEIR PHONE!!!!!
  7. Thank u so much for this. I will look into it.
  8. Hi. In March I have bought a vehicle from a man. I have bugged a few times for the title within these past 9 months. It's already @ the point that I can't even drive it because if regristeration. I feel like im being scammed because even right now they say they cant find it& they want me to wait a few more days. I'm already anxious enough ... Do u feel like im going to need a laywer? & is there one for titles in south tx.? Thank u so much.
  9. Hi this is for a mutual friend... He is going thru problems with his son's momma & he doesn't know what to do... The mother hasn't even started the application to child support. She is already threatening him that he will never see his son again because she found out he moved on.. She moved to another city pretty far from where he lives.. What can he do to see his son again without having to wait for her, because she may take her time.. & that isn't what he wants.. He asked if he sends her money (documented &recorded)if he could see him but she says no.. Seems like a judge would have to step in.
  10. Hi I was wondering how does it work to transfer a title? At the moment I am paying for a vehicle from a man (no dealership or anything) and once I am done we're supposed to look for where do we go to put the title under my name, the registration is still current through till October so do I need to change that too? Would it be at a local tax office or the courthouse? We have no clue. Need to know because they said at the tax office it is not required to have a valid license, and I know at the court house you do. My license is expired and suspended, but I need it for work. Thanks for the help.
  11. I just wanted to know if they are real collectors, if they have the authority to serve in court .. hense this is only a $250 debt. Except I don't even have that money laying around either. This man I've spoken to have threatened before, & telling me every detail they are going to do.. is that allowed?
  12. hello, I have been getting calls from the civil processing department of recovering systems and I was wondering if anyone knows if they are real? Because they have tried to contact me before but I keep losing contact they are telling me this time since I haven't responded to them that they will serve me a court date & send it to my mailbox. I googled them & people have responded that IF indeed they are, that they shouldn't have said anything about that... let alone make harassing calls. Has anyone heard of them? by the way this loan is real I have gotten it in 2015 but I have lost my Job.. so i kind of don't blame them for calling... but I'm afraid if I should be ready for that letter or is it hoax?? please let me know. they wouldn't even work with me to pay this off.. problem is they want it NOW.
  13. hello, I have questions regarding some trouble I have. My only daughter dad is on child support since 2013, & I have lived alone but this year has not been good to me & I ended up back to his & his parents house, but he's still paying the child support, he has not asked anything bout it .. question #1. could I be going to jail if he reports it? & also we never have been able to stay on the same page when it comes to our daughter, so I've gotten frustrated that I wish to move where I would have help which is a city that is bout 6 hours away from where he lives (I understand I need to check with our court papers if its OK to leave out of county ) & I am afraid he will fight for custody given that his family can afford a lawyer & I may not.. so what help could I get if/when time comes??
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