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  1. Multiple years ago, my parents house was purchased by the state for airport expansion. At the time, they were going through marital difficulties and my father wanted to split the money and separate. My mother convinced him to try again (the marriage difficulties were on her) and they purchased a larger house. My father put down 50 thousand dollars of money from the sale of the old house as a down payment (his money). Because his credit was poor, the house was purchased in her name and my God father's (my dad's brother). A couple years later my mother left, and my father was left living in the house with his children (me included). From the beginning, my father has made the mortgage payments. When he lost his job, he was unable for 4 months and the house was put on the market by his brother. He has been employed again for a year, continuing to make the payments. He offered to pay the back payments to his brother, but his brother refused. The house has remained on the market and an offer was recently put on it that was below their original cost of purchasing the house. If it sold today, it would leave him with no money gained from the sale. Including eviction issues with an oral lease, what are our options? My father has health issues and still has 2 children living in the house.
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