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  1. Hello it's me....

    1. kasjustgotout


      ayyyyyy guess who it is haha yall keep your heads up you guys honestly helped me keep mine up!f

    2. panda88


      I told em.. 

  2. if this person in question is at a freinds house and the back yard and the police pull up a person fled police officers lost sight of this person & come back in contact with this person shortly after find drugs in the woods five feet away they did not see this person throw it or make any movements to look as if he threw any thing there is like 25 ppl out side how can they put this on my friend alose they found ore drugs in another place no where near any one it was found on the ground and they dont kno who it belongs to.......... if yall got any answers to this or can give advice please let me kno and i will relay the msg to my freind seeking legal advice thank you
  3. LUckyist Nigga in theWorld I must say 3~13~15

    1. Zebra79


      what are yu talking about

    2. Zebra79


      i dont get what yu saying girl yu at the register loading everthing on then in the truck headed to traid for her meats then to her house what yu talking bout yooo

    3. Zebra79


      oooooooo i get it yu was talki bout jermeys **** i under stand

  4. My Wife So Bad Ill drink her Bath Water ijs!!!!!

    1. panda88


      "Time For That"

      Do you think I'll ever need you love more than you need me?

      Show me your true colors girl, I just want to see

      Cause I done had too many come around and change on me

      She screamin' please don't waste my time

      I say I totally agree

      See girl I'm fine with that

      I done gave my watches away, ain't got no time for that

      Askin' where's my heart, good luck findin' that

      How long could I see her round...

    2. Zebra79


      send it in chops

    3. Zebra79
  5. this person really is seeking advice to fnd out what is to come out of his situation
  6. i cant use links im trying to figure out the minimum sentencing for a career offender
  7. im trying to figure out minimum sentencing guide lines for the feds???????
  8. soo what should this person do i know this person and snitching is not an option
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