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  1. Where i have made this post has far more to do theblog than any other. Like copyrights for example..
  2. Ok. I have One book on culinary arts, 250 pp. And 8 short stories all approx. 50 pges. One book called Otto, 845 pp. So i have the material... after i have the book written what should be the next step? and is thier somewhere on thiss site that i can use to figure out whatto do?
  3. My goodness calm down,, I hopeyou dont have a coronary while thinking about this. I'm just looking forhelp its simple. Ultimatley iwasnt referring to you, BUT iwas going to add tht im sure thier are people in the "bad Group" that are good and have some of the same interests. But its oka thank you for the help anyways.
  4. Hey RE, if i wanted to get a book published, or a short story, where can i look on this site to learn what to do? and what is your opinion of the first thing i should do?
  5. I am not refering to it as a social club, one thingihavelearned isnot tobe social in institutions. But if you (pg1067) were in prison, would you rather be placed on a unit with hardcore thug-like killers,rapists,Gang-bangers or white supremacists, or would you rather be on a unit where you can be with people who are interested in the same things as you? people that have accounts on Linkedin,watch the stock exchange, invest wisely, play chess and other games of logic, people who understand quantum mechanics and like to talk about the theories? what it comes down to is being where your comfortable with liveing your life, in any society or community, Jail or prison. people may be criminals, but universally they are stil human beings, and shoud be respected.
  6. We cant 'just talk to each other' because we ar not located in the same area in the jail. i am in general pop, he is not. plus these message boards were created for the use i am using them for. And is this one i was curious about the 'above stated' thank you pg1067 for your input on here.
  7. Well thank you all for the help. I think i will continue to help other people that approach me because they are worried about thier own legal situations. More often than not i help them, consult them for free, but sometimes it may take a hour or more, to help somebody understand a motion or help them write up a motion to bring in front of thier court or help them to understand how court procedure works. I always tell them its up to the judge what happens in any case, they should always seek help in any direction they can, like on this website, in the books, from thier own attorney, or other people w/ related cases or past related cases. but i will let those that are going to take up alot of my time here that i would like something in return and ussually it is always somehtng that i can use, like envelopes, pens, soap, and such things as that. I have no family or friends that want to help me financially, and i never expected them to but i have asked for help which i very rarley do. Butitcomes with knowing tht idoneed the help, and some people expect me to ask for it, but i have to help my self,while i help other people. it was a hard earned lesson the last time i was homeless.well thank you all so much for the help.
  8. Thank you souch this was the help i was looking for. I need as many 'programs' as possible that i can find.but i alsowas looking for the legal ramifications of the "prison" not respecting my choices of books... spiritual to be precise.
  9. Thankyou very muchi have already printed out the entire section on injuries and accidents. imstudying it as muchas possible.
  10. yurwrong i haveseen spiders in this jail. Oneperson was bittenby ine here. brown recluse are south of us.
  11. Thank you all for your help. So I am not a paralegal then evven thoughpeople housed in the jail like to refer me as one. But i donot work with an attorney so i cant be one. But people ask me questions about what they should do for their case and i let them know "im not an expert but from what I know you should do this or do that". So i help them with what i have learned so far. So would it be illegal to tell them theyneed to put so-and-somuchoney on myaccount in order for me to help them. i donotlike to take time out ofmy schedule orday to help them ifi dont get paid for it. soyesterday i got a lot of info for somebody on child neglect law, and i told them iwanted a 66 cents envelope pre-stamped. i got it and he said he will come back and payme more for my knowlegde or help. Is this not ok?
  12. Thank you very much that cleared up some of the questions I had.
  13. So how would i find out how this applies to illinois law? Iam charged with atempt murder, agg batt, agg dom batt, agg unlawfull restraint, And 3 CSA's. would thesehinder me beingallowed to work as a paralegal in Illinois? Can i legally provide other people withhelp with thier legal questions and get paid for it if i give them a fee for my services? or could i get in trouble for this? I want to be able to contact the public defenders that are on my case now.. when i get to prison here in illinois. Can they help me with anything or is it totally up to them wether or not they want to help?I woudnt force them to but idk.. i know i will have questions when i get to prison and i know i will need legal advice so im wondering if i will be able to reach out to my P.D's..
  14. Can A civilian or convict Work as a Paralegal? Is a paralegal the same as a law clerk,Legal assistant, legal analyst? Can I be paid if i wanted, for my services as a paralegal? In an institution (prison,Jail,mental health institution,) or in the public? How can i get a limited liscense to legally work as a paralegal? or is that only allowed in Canada? May I assist in representing clients in civil or criminal matters wether or not if have a liscence to practice law?... (legal Attorney) Can i contact my Public defenders from prison for help on current legal research or situations?
  15. what if the wound festered and got worse over time. Because the medical staff took such time to get the the wound. what if i got sick and other thngs occured because they took thier time? what could i do to make sure they do thier job and help me? what ifiwas left witha hge permanent injurry or scar because the medical staff didnt treat me in time?
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