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  1. Hi, In Oregon, I'm told that I have to pay child support for 4 kids in the amoutn of $680/month. I have no problem paying this amount. However, I have one child that is now 21 (not going to college) and another that is 19 and is going to college. The other are 15 and 12. I'm told that I have to continue to pay $680/month until my last child is 21 and/or not going to college. Why doesn't the amount get adjusted as the children become of age (21) or 18 if they are not going to college? Is this correct? Because when I read the child support documents and Oregon Law, I can not find anything suggesting that child support payments will stay the same... Thanks
  2. Hi, My step daughter got a part time job working at American Eagle. She worked there for a short period of time before they stopped putting her on the schedule but was not told as to why she wasn't on the schedule. Thus went on for 2 -3 weeks. Howwever, today she finds out that she is no longer employed at the store. She was not told about being laid off or fired. It seems to me that they should have told her she was fired so she could seek employment else where but not has suffered an income lost and will need to find another job elsewhere. Does she have a case here? Can she seek compensation until she finds another job?
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