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  1. @Fallen, I know for a fact that they named the daughter the same name to cover up my mother. One of the Aunt's AND my grandmother has confirmed that. Also, my mother did try to contact him SEVERAL times. She was ignored, hung up on (by the wife) and her letters were discarded. My mother and father both stopped by the grocery store that he owned at one point several years ago before they divorced, the wife was rude and told them to leave. So your assumption that my mom didn't look into this topic a long time ago is inaccurate. Shortly after my parents divorced and my mother struggled and didn't have the money to hire an attorney to hunt this guy down. Lastly, your lack of understanding or compassion is really sad. Act like a human. Until you've been in the same situation I'd highly advise you not tell someone who has been through this to not vent in any forum. Regardless of too much information or not I have freedom of speech sweetie and merely wanted to explain the situation in as much detail as I could. Some legal aids want a lot of info/background. @pg1067 - Sue for emotional distress and/or damages.
  2. I have a very unique situation. My mother has never known where her father was or anything about that side of the family until recently. I was doing some research and found his brother on Facebook, we have since then met the brother and his sons. We have still never met her father/my grandfather. Here are the facts. Her father never paid child support and I don't believe my grandmother ever went after him in the courts to try and obtain any support. Her father is listed on her birth certificate. My mother tried to contact him several times but his wife kept him away. We found out that 9 months after my mom was born - her father who named my mom Lisa and his wife had a little girl and named her the same name (Lisa) to cover up my mom. Apparently her father was a two timing scumbag who knocked up my grandmother and then knocked up his then girl friend but what is now his wife. Here's the kicker. The other child (Lisa) isn't even his. We found this out recently that she is adopted. So basically the wife and my grandfather were both cheating on each other. He had my mom and 9 months later the wife had her daughter and he adopted her but basically blew off my mother. We have recently found out through his brother that he is not in good health, has about 6 months to live. I have tried to reach out through the wife because he is not capable of comprehending much at this point or using a phone or facebook. She just ignores me. We found out from the brother that he is LOADED. Has a huge estate, money, etc. He's apparently put all of his kids and grandkids through college. We also found out that his mother was half choctaw indian so we could have been getting financial assistance for college or housing for years and never knew it!!!! I watched my mom struggle as a single mother and I myself have struggled. We are so infuriated that all these years not only did we miss out on family vaca's, some pretty awesome cousins but also all those years struggling could have been avoided. Our question is, what are our rights as child and grandchild as far as the estate and his will after he passes? His brother believes that the wife has shunned us in order to keep the estate and money all to herself but also to hide from the other Lisa that she is really adopted by my grandfather. So not only has she kept us from our father/grandfather but now this too? Can they really get away with this??? Can we sue them?
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