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  1. A friend (truly) negotiated a 4 month severance package prior to accepting a job at a new company (just over 3 years ago). This was noted in her offer letter but we live in an "employement at will" state so there's no employment contract. About a five weeks ago she was demoted and her pay was reduced significantly (35%). Despite that, she decided to make the best of it and stay at the job. A week ago her employment was terminated without cause. It seems to me that she was demoted in advance of termination so that the company could reduce the amount of severance they'd committed to paying. Are there any AZ laws governing this type of behavior? Does she have any legal recourse? She's hesitant to reach out to an attorney without knowing whether she's just wasting her time.
  2. I'm selling my home and received notice from my HOA of three fee's totaling $1,090. Disclosure Fee - $188.50 Transfer Fee - $188.50 Reserve Fee - $713.00 My question is specific to the Reserve Fee. I've been told that Arizona Law strictly regulates HOA fees, especially the Disclosure and Transfer fees, however, this other fee seems excessive. Based on AZ law, is an HOA able to make up additional fees and charge whatever they wish without limit? Thanks in advance. James
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