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  1. Thanks for your help. Of course I don't agree that I have to pay for the test when they even put in the letter that the test needed wasnt done. 3. The diagnostic testing was ordered by Defendant's treating physican, (drs name). The order from Dr included a CT scan with contrast of Defendant's thoracic spine 4. The records from Plaintiff's fcility state that "The patient was then sent to CT for post-myelogram CT of cervicl, thoracic and lumbar spine" 5. For what ever reason te CT scan of Defendant's thoracic spine was not done. This is the reason I paid 1/2 of the total bill in the first place But I guess the judge ruled and I have to pay. Just a bummer since I have yet to get the proper tests done and now I cant even have another surgery to fix due to starting a new job.
  2. Long story short. I had a medical test done the total due me was 2500. I paid 1,247.35 as the test wasn't done properly The didn't scan part of my back. I was taken to small claims court. The Judgement says: 13. The Court further finds that Defendant's dispute with Plaintiff is in good faith and with some merit. Defendant will not be assessed any attorney fees, interest, or court costs Judgment for Plaintiff, Dupont Hospital, LLC against Defendant, (my name), in the amount of $ 1,247.35. Cost to Plaintiff. Costs paid. To me it means that I don't have to pay any more since it says Costs paid. There is nothing else below that part but Manner of Notice (how I was served) Do I owe more money? Should I call the court house. I didn't have a lawyer as no one wanted to take a small claims case that was less than $2,000.
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