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  1. The agreed purchase price was $3900 and all communication was through text messages. Doesn't that serve as a written contract?
  2. Greetings, I currently live near Salt Lake City Utah. I want to purchase a van that is for sale in Chino Valley Arizona. I've been communicating with the seller for a few weeks now and we agreed to meet on Friday June 10th 2016 to conclude the sale. A couple days prior to the 10th he said that he would be out of town on that day but that his wife would handle the transaction. When I arrived in Chino Valley she said that she was not ready to conclude the sale and that I should come back on Monday the 13th. I left Arizona on the 10th, disappointed that the sale had not occurred. I incurred air and taxi fare in excess of $400 to travel to their residence in Chino Valley Arizona. I believe that I should be able to recover my travel expenses, is that correct?
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