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  1. Please excuse this post if I am in the wrong forum. My son is in serious trouble and I am out of my depth. I'll start at the very beginning. My son James and his friend (AA - a lawyer) started a company (XYZ Inc.) in 2009 in Connecticut. By 2010 they had taken on a 3rd member (BB - Ex Wall St) so equal interests for all 3., Then a 4th member (CC - a lawyer) came in with 5% share. Excellent product idea from AA who was COO. James was CEO. BB was CFO. The projections for future as determined by CC looked phenomenal (>$5M in a short period). James was on the cusp of a large contract with a large retail chain of pharmacies. Concurrently, as the outlook was so rosy, James was encouraged by his partners to buy a company car to better reflect his CEO image. He did, and bought a second hand BMW which all the partners knew about and rode in. This later became the focus of a criminal complaint. Then a 5th investor (DD) was supposed to join the company, but his full investment did not appear to James to materialize. When he queried this, James was voted out as CEO the next day and CC took over as CEO. Within a week (Nov 2010) the new CEO (CC) and BB and AA had made XYZ Inc. "defunct" and formed XYZ Group Inc.. All assets (product, records, etc.) was transfered to XYZ Group Inc. and they attempted business as usual, but having cut James out of his share interests. James moved to Maryland. James is persecuted still by XYZ Group Inc., then foundered through lack of marketing follow through. AA, who had the original product idea, left and became a salesperson in Macy's. CC resigned as CEO. The CFO dematerialized. XYZ Inc. is still listed as "Active" on the State of CT Sec. of State website, but there is no agent, no officers, no address, no corporate records or reports, resolutions etc.of any kind. There are no records of XYZ Inc. available from any of the "ex-officers", who have variously had computer viruses, etc. [The next part of the saga is legally horrific, but not helpful at this point in my ramblings..] CC has since waged war on my son James, claiming to be acting on behalf of XYZ Inc. and filed many motions in three States with the intention of extracting money from him that he claims James misappropriated. There is no evidence of this - of any kind. My question therefore, is - Can a lawyer represent an entity that (in federal court testimony) has been declared Defunct and Dissolved, has no officers to retain that lawyer, but is still shown as "active" on Sec of the State website? I have knocked down the latest subpoenas at the District Court level in CT, and an action is ongoing in Mississippi now (where James moved to work). This saga extends through CT, MD and MS. I have several friends who are lawyers of one kind or another, all of whom are horrified at the collective failure of the Judicial System over this case, and feel that there is a book and a film at the end of this. But that doesn't help me now. I need serious help, and cannot find it. Perhaps someone in this forum might be kind enough to show me the way. I can provide essential information in the form of court transcripts etc. Thank you, Ian
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