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  1. Sorry, that's apparently an auto-correct flaw. The complex's maintenance entered on July 29 (lease was up July 31, and move-out was scheduled for same) and removed and disposed of our remaining belongings, yes.
  2. No, they definitely made a mistake. For whatever reason their maintenance came in and began removing things to begin cleaning it up to relet. But our move-out wasn't until today, so as far as I can tell they had zero right to enter at all, never mind remove anything. I'm just a little uncertain of exactly how wrong what they've done is. It certainly feels extremely wrong.
  3. So, we're in the process of moving to a new place and our move-out date, noted on an intent to move-out notice, was July 31 (same as last day of lease). On Friday, our computers's maintenance came in and removed remaining belongings, trashing some and the rest nowhere to be found. They admit this much, and that it was wrong. but I'm unsure of how wrong they are here. Are they responsible only for straight replacement of the items? Because there's been destruction of items with irreplaceable sentimental value, there's been stress over trying to figure out what happened and having to dig some of it out of a dumpster, and there's the violation of their doing all of this without any notice, illegally, while we still occupy the apartment. It seems wrong on a higher level than just erroneously tossing out stuff (I would think they'd need to hold or do something other than immediately trash it regardless, actually).
  4. Sure, I should've included the portions of the lease addressing it if I'm asking for advice. Silly move. I'll have to transcribe it as the copy provided is very, very faint because the printer was low on ink and they evidently consider it cool to give a barely readable lease. First up, there's the section on insurance: "a" is the selected option in the above. Next up, the liability addendum: So, from what I can tell, the lease itself definitely requires the holding of liability coverage, but clearly doesn't force place any particular one on us. The addendum enrolls us in the Resident Indemnity Management program very specifically and there's no mention that they have the freedom to change this without notice, especially if they are going to continue collecting a fee that is specified for such a specific purpose. I just don't know for sure if I'm right or what it necessarily means if I am. Any thoughts about the general situation would be welcome.
  5. And to be clear--no notice was given that they had terminated the relationship with the company providing the liability coverage. I had to e-mail them personally to find that out.
  6. My apartment's lease requires that tenants have liability insurance, and upon moving in they offer a service where it's included in rent at a rate of nine dollars a month. This was contained in a lease addendum applying to the specific company utilized for this service and made it clear that we could opt out of the service at any point if we so chose. A few months ago, I got a new car and when setting up insurance finally just got renter's insurance as well, which made the addendum liability insurance redundant. When my girlfriend went to have this changed, she was informed that opting out was no longer possible, that the charge was permanent, it was all in the lease and we were grandfathered in. I did some looking into it and found they discontinued the service in October of last year. We moved in on August. Was this legal? If not, have they violated just the addendum or the lease as well (as it requires we possess the liability coverage but does not force-place it though they appear to have taken the opportunity of doing that subsequently)? And whatever it is they did do, what sorts of options are available to me to handle it? At a minimum, I'd like the nine dollars a month refunded, but there's a degree of dishonesty that's occurred here that seems like more should be done. Apartment located in Fayette county, Lexington, KY.
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