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  1. I was pushed down by my estranged husband at a bar which he frequently goes, the owner who did not witness the incident came out yelling for me to leave let's say X alone he's a good paying customer. I did have X 's cell phone in my hand because he left it laying on a table outside where I was at, he left the establishment. Returned saw his phone in my hands and pushed me to get his phone I was texting on to his mistress. The occurrence resulted in a torn all,fractured tibia, torn ligament and lower leg contusion. I didn't file charges the state picked it up. Court date the district attorney stated / asked where the phone landed when I got pushed. I replied "I have no idea it was in his hands when I looked up after being pushed to the ground" Since I could not answer the question of where the phone landed the DA stated there wasn't enough evidence for this to be heard in front of a judge. Well, it's been 1 1/2 years later and I have paid a lot in medical bills unable to work for several months. Is there a recourse of action I can take so this can be heard in front of a judge? Also, he had someone there who I never saw come to defend X to state I fell not pushed.
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