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  2. thank you all for your input i was just thinking maybe someone would try to understand whitefolks thats whats up!
  3. your right an thank you but i was just asking but thanks any way!
  4. I know thati should not of went there but i didnt do anything wrong and people is making me feel like i should not have asked but as a man apologize i just need a lil help with this case thats all.
  5. i never said anything about this topic so the smart ass **** you can keep to yourself im just tring to know whati have to do please i ask you!
  6. if im charged with murder knowingly,withot lawful justification and with intent to kill or do great bodily harm.how can the state prove that with no fireamror no witnesses nothing that can really say you did anything but it was some of the guys stuff in a place you be at and so do 10 other people.do that means youwas the one to do the act?
  7. My attorney and I know from discovery that detectives did a suggestive lineup. Once a motion for suppression is heard and granted will the statements made from individuals after suggestive lineup be admissible? Or if suggestive lineup is proven, what would be the next step in the proceeding?
  8. so no matter what the time is still acounted for cause my lawyer said it start over. Do you know of any case laws to sight i can look up so i can show my lawyer?
  9. I was arrested on a aggravated unlawful use of a firearm at a graduation .. now the officer never had a probable cause he said hey in a crowd of people i looked and proceeded to walk off he then tackled me in a crowd of people and after he and his partner cuffed me they picked a firearm up (without any gloves) and jagged it took a bullet out of the head and released the magazine in it and charged me with a uuw
  10. If I am in custody on two different cases and I demand speedy trial and state elected on other charge, does jail credit count up until the state elected and up until i was found not guilty on charge state elected on. does time count to other case?
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