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  1. I received a letter from my town - not an HOA - telling me to cut the grass within two weeks or they would start fining me $50 a day. I cut the grass. Two days after I cut the grass, a third-party contractor went onto my property while I was not home. I was not notified, contacted, or given any warning. This contractor did not cut any grass, as it was already cut. They razed my landscaping instead. The contractor went beyond my front yard. They went onto all the way around my home and garage and into my backyard. They randomly razed large plants. Nothing they cut was grass, and nothing they cut was a weed. It was all things I had planted. They razed four-foot high elderberry bushes, but only six of the twelve in the (mulched) bed. They crushed two-foot high evergreen shrub and the surrounding flowers; this was part of a larger area and the rest of the area was untouched. It was wanton and random, and all over my property. What comes up for me is: * violation of fourth amendment right to privacy by crossing the threshold of my home * trespass * destruction of property * vandalism I contacted the town manager and gave him an earful. He is coming tomorrow to see the damage. I am writing to ask the following: 1. Am I correct in my ideas about the aforementioned violations? 2. Are my complaints and recourse with the town or with the third-party contractor? 3. What is my recourse? I seek reparations for replacement of plants and lost harvest, but I also want protection from this happening to my property again. Any advice or assistance is appreciated. Thank you.
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