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  1. The mechanics that we saw said that it wasn't worth the fix based on purchase price, age of the truck, and the repairs needed to be made. We would basically need a whole new frame which is not cheap - the truck has been deemed "unsafe to drive" by the same mechanic. I was thinking that it was a fraudulent sale and we have reached out to a couple attorney's, especially since that $2,500 was pocketed.. Thank you for your input - I feel a little more confident going into it!
  2. We did ask for the condition and were told that it was good. The dealer's mechanic inspected it, and once we brought it for inspection within the 30 day dealer's warranty in the state that we live in, we were told that there was rot. Brought it back and instead of fixing it they covered it which made the issue worse. The other big issue here is that we paid $2,450 for an extended warranty that was never actually processed. My question is - where do we even start ? I have reached out to the attorney general because he has in fact broken a couple of NH laws. I reached out to the Better Business Bureau and couple of attorneys. Is it even worth it ?? Or are we going to end up eating the money as well as additional attorney fees ?
  3. Less than 2 years ago, we bought a used truck for my fiance's construction job. It was in poor condition and the owner of the dealership did not make that known to us. Within the 30 day dealer warranty time frame, we brought the truck back for a rotting frame issue and instead of fixing it like he said he was going to, the owner covered it up with under-coating. Now here we are with 3 more years of payments and an un-drivable truck that has been deemed unsafe to drive by our mechanic due to a completely rotted truck frame. In addition to that, he sold us a $2,450 extended warranty that was never given to us after MONTHS of calling the dealership asking for it. Come to find out from the warranty company (we FINALLY got the company information from the dealership this past weekend with only 2 more months left on the warranty!), the paperwork for the warranty was never processed and the money was pocketed by the owner of the dealership. That is the short version!!!
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