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  1. Good Morning, I am an attorney in New Hampshire who was recently divorced. The divorce was amicably mediated, and in the few times it was necessary I represented myself. By so doing I became both attorney and client, not to mention potential witness. During a rare disagreement about educational decisions regarding our children, my ex-wife's new husband contacted me, and continued to do so despite being asked to refrain from contacting me twice as he was not a party to the mediation agreement, or any other event thereafter. This digressed, and his final communication was that he would file suit if I continued to contact my ex-wife, which is an impossibility given our custody sharing responsibilities. I have come up blank on searches relating to such situations, which have been further complicated due to my multiple roles in the situation. I also do not believe that he 1) has a valid cause of action and 2) legal standing to approach me in court. Looking over the recorded history Criminal Harassment is a no-brainer as he continued to contact me after repeated requests that he stop, and he acted aggressively and off-topic. I feel that there is something else there though relating to threatening me either for my role as an attorney or a party to an ongoing legal action. Also I am unsure if such a threat can be considered an actual threat if it is a legal impossibility. My final concern is potential impact on the children as we strive to keep it friendly. If anyone out there could lend some advice or direction it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and enjoy the long weekend.
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