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  1. The claim was denied. Of course. Next I should hear from the other party. How don you think this will effect my insurance policy's with my I insurer. I've had one other small claim this year.
  2. No. The police told me there was no further investigation and it's closed. But they did say there could still be civil charges. Which I know nothing about. I wonder if I need a lawyer still. I'm hoping to get this resolved soon
  3. I will find that form. Thank you.
  4. My notification states that its being handle by claim associates and handling says: collision. I'm sure thats temporary until they review the claim. Thank you for your help.
  5. I called the claim rep direct. I was told because it was intention the claim will be denied and both their insurance and I will be notified. The claim is listed under collision. I was told that once its denied the other parties should send me a bill for the damaged. I'm not clear why it went through the insurance. I called the insurance with " general questions " just to get some understanding. I didn't discuss my claim.
  6. I not sure why the officer asked for insurance info but they did and the other party filed the claim.
  7. Yes. Intentionally. So they will deny the claim and I'd like to pay it personally but I have no info as it went through the local police. Their were charges filed and I was told the case was closed and the insurance was contacted. They'll deny but I'll still need to pay and end it.
  8. I'd guess if my insurance pays it than that's it. I'm thinking it's an incident that an insurance company would deny but I will call the claims number listed. It says its handling under collision. Thanks
  9. I called for a copy of the police report. Information like name of car owner and witness have been omitted and was told the case was closed and no charges filed. The other party turned in to my insurance. I'd like to pay it direct as I'm thinking the insurance may deny their claim. I want this resolved quickly. I'm going to talk to my insurance claim associate as I have the claim number. Not sure how this will work now that it's with a "claim associate" handling under coliision.
  10. I let my insurance agent know I'd like to pay it but I haven't heard back. It has a claim number and has been assigned. I may be to late. The claim may be denied but I'd have to pay the repairs either way. I wait to call again.
  11. The other party already contacted my insurance company with a collision claim. However, I would like to not go through my insurance and pay either the other party or their insurance. Which at this time I know neither. It is too late for what I want to do ? I am at fault. I afraid my insurance may drop me.
  12. I cause damage, hopefully minor, to another party's car. They filed a claim but I'd like to deny the claim And pay it directly. Can I do that ? And how ? This is my second claim against me. Last one cost my insurer $2000.
  13. Thanks for talking to me about this. I have no one I can
  14. Maybe my case is at the bottom of the list. As it should be. Stupid. Just stupid.
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