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  1. I have 2 grown sons and was just divorced from my wife. I have not talked to them in over 17 months. I am in jail on unrelated charges from them or my ex. I miss my sons so much. We never had any bad times together and have no idea on why she divorced me. How can I tell this to my sons..I write to them and have tried calling them all the time and they have not written me or will answer the phone. Any suggestions?? I lost all contact on the day I was arrested yet they both told me that day that they would be here for me. I feel that I have died on that day since I feel that they hate me now and have since my arrest date.. I am so hurt and devestated.. please help....
  2. I was asking the age question for a friend. He was charged with 'touching a 3 year old' in Feb of this year and the SA wants to put this child on the stand. How young is too young to put a person on the stand that has no idea on the subject being tried?
  3. The States Atty says that she wants to put a 3 year old and a 5 year old on the stand and use them for witnesses for an agg crim sex abuse case. I can not believe that at that age they can even think of putting a child that young on the stand. I would think that the parents would be against it. Is there any statute saying that the age is too young? A child of that age can be easily persuaded to say anything. Please help....
  4. I was arrested in jan of 2015 for agg crim sex abuse that was not ever commited by me and they have no evidence yet the states atty keeps prolonging trial, etc... i am sick and tired over these false accusations.. 2 'victims' claim that this happened 16 years ago.. Please help me with any info..
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