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  1. Your assumption that I had not asked is incorrect. I informed him our son told me they moved and would be staying in a hotel for 6 months. I asked that he provide me with any change in address or home phone contact information. He replied back stating that he would only inform me they are in a hotel( no idea what city(my son told me his dad said it's an hour from their old house), won't tell me the name, and gave me a PO BOX for his mail. Said he would give me a permanent address once their house was built and they were settled in.
  2. No I do not know the new address. My son just said its a hotel. I have no idea where, an address, nothing.
  3. So I have to let him visit a place that I am legally required to know where that is and I don't?
  4. In the state of Indiana both parents are required to give a 90 day notice of a move even if it's across the street or across town. My sons father has not done so, and my son informed me. They have had there home on the market ( this was told to me by my son for a year) so this is not a sudden move. He also told me that they are going to be living in a hotel for the next 6 months, so while my son is with them for the summer (6 weeks) and when he goes once a month for his weekend visit. He at 13, is going to be forced to sleep with his 6 year old sister (I feel this is inappropriate and do not trust that the step mother will not try and say my son did something to her daughter, a she has falsely accused another male child). With all of this at play, do I have to make my son visit? A weekend I could see, but 6 weeks in a hotel? I don't even know where it's at.
  5. Pg1067, my son sent me a copy of the email while he was with my father, because he was upset by it wasn't sure how he should respond or if at all. As I stated, I do want my son to have a relationship with his grandmother, in fact she was my best friend a few weeks ago when I told her she could see him here whenever she wanted, he could go to NC to see her etc. she's only mad now because her son is mad at me for exercising my summer visitation and not giving him the two extra weeks he demanded. His wife was actually just in NC 3 weeks ago with my son without his father and wouldn't let the grandmother see my son.
  6. Should also add I have been getting harassing texts from granny informing me I'm going to hell and am a bad parent because I listened to my son when he told me his father and step mother are talking dipsrangingly about myself and my husbsnd. Said how it made my son feel didn't matter and he should stay in a child's place. He's 12 by the way.
  7. Can I limit her contact with my son? This was an email she sent him yesterday accusing me of things that aren't true. My son is very upset by their behavior.
  8. Sons grandmother is in NC, sons father is in OH. I am custodial parent of son and we live in Indiana where paternity was established etc. Noncustodial parent won't let his mother take child to NC during his visitation time in the summer or other times. Paternal grandmother is not saying she is going to sue me for visitation. Can she do that? I told her previously if my son wanted to visit her and she was willing to finance the visit, he could go. She is now mad at me because I had noncustodial parent return child after his court ordered time and didn't give up my summer time to his father. They are trying any and everything at this point.
  9. Pg107, several things you must not have read correctly in my post, and maybe a few I should clarify. Our court order for legal custody stipulates that consent for treatment must be given by both parties. I'm not saying his father has to make me aware of each ache and pain. His visit to the urgent care and hospital should have been made known to me, other than through a photo and from my 12 year old. They informed the doctors office that his wife was my child's mother. Which they didn't question due to last names being the same. I am entitled to medical records which he refuses to give me, and I can't successfully get from the hospital, even though I have sent them out court order.
  10. My son was just returned from his court ordered summer visitation. During the last week of his time there, his father took him to an urgent care facility without my knowledge (I was called after the fact) for an injury to my sons ankle which was non emergent. My son complained of pain in his ankle 2 weeks prior to the urgent care visit. We have joint legal custody, so I should have been made aware. The urgent care doctor referred them to an Ortho doc. My son was taken by his father to Cincinnati Children's to see an Ortho doctor 3 days later. I asked the father to make me aware of the appointment date, time, Doctor info etc. but he refused. I asked that I be contacted before treatment was administered, as it made since for our son to have treatment here in Indiana so that the follow up care could be taken care of by the same doctor. Sons father refused, informed me that he and his wife would handle it and make whatever decisions needed to be made. I received a photo of my son in a cast hours later, no phone call or info from an adult. I was finally allowed to talk to my son (after numerous attempts to contact them), and was informed by my 12 year old that he begged his dad to allow him to call (he's never been sick more than the flu, so he was scared) and his father told him no, calling me wasn't necessary, because his mother (the wife) was right there. Sons father refuses to give me any medical info, I can't get any from the hospital, as I wasn't listed on any of the paperwork, all I know is the cast is to come off in 4 weeks (per my son). What are my legal options as far as preventing my sons father from doing this again? He seems to care more about being in control and not providing me with info, than the well-being of his child, as no doctor can properly treat him without even knowing what they are treating. Please help!
  11. Thank you for your response. I have not yet taken away the additional time. after my sons visit over the weekend, he doesn't wish to stay past the required time, nor do I feel inclined to make him. He tried to defend my husband and I during the 3 hour conversation he was made to have, but was told he better not say anything to me about it, and yelled at and punished for defending us. I will be seeking to add this clause to my custody order asap, and seeking counseling for my son when he returns from their house after the summer. I hate it has come to this, as I really think he needs to have a relationship, and even still will not hinder it, but feel I need to protect him when I can.
  12. We do not have a divorce decree, just a paternity order which outlines support and custody. I do not think it is in the best interest of the child to make him go for times outside of what he is required by his order, especially knowing that he is being"brainwashed" against me. I don't want this however to seem as if I am trying to alienate him in a return. My desire is not to be petty, but my son doesn't want to go at all, so why send him longer than he has to be there.
  13. Sons father (non custodial parent) and his wife have been saying disparaging things to my son about me and my husband while he is visiting them. They repeatedly tell him that we are bad parents, my husband can't teach him to be a man, only his bio father can. They are telling him things like I sued his father for child support so that I could make him think his father doesn't do anything for him (child support was established 9 years ago when paternity was established and he was only paying $200 a month on an $80,000 a year salary). They constantly tell him that he is not allowed to bring the things my husband and I buy him to their house, that we are trying to keep him from them and his 5 year old sister and he should move with them. Son is 12 years old and is telling us and his paternal grandmother that he is sad and his father is trying to make him choose and he doesn't know what to do. Throughout all of this I have never withheld visitation, in fact I have given additional time because I recognize my son needs time with his father no matter how he speaks about me. Is any of this considered parental alienation and do we have a case for change of current custody order?
  14. Thank you for your responses. I have tried to work with them and foster a better parenting partnership, but it is not working. I plan to meet with a lawyer soon.
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