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  1. My son’s attorney submitted a private mental evaluation to the court. It is now showing in his criminal file in the court dockets. I know this because I went to the court house and accessed his file. It is not sealed. This report was paid for by me separate of any legal fees. This attorney told me that the only people that would see it would be the judge and the state's attorney. We have had many arguments over this report because of it being embellished. This report was not court ordered. If I would have not written the check, my son would have never been evaluated. It is now in the hands of the media. Also, I noticed some medical records that my son’s attorney obtained and they are in his court file. Is this a breach of confidentially? Isn't this a violation? I specifically told this attorney that I didn't want this report to be made public. This is just one of many complaints I have against this attorney. This attorney has since been fired.
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