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  1. Damn. So im basically going to have to stay in jefferson county horrible system the whole time no matter what. great. thanks for your help...
  2. Thank you for your answers. So are you saying that if i transfer probation and came december i wanted to get off would i have to come back to jefferson county to try and get it terminated? And yea i know i have to ask permition to move but if I did move to a less strick county would it help me in anyway or would I still have to follow Jefferson county terms and conditions? thanks again to both of you for writing back.
  3. I'm currently serving 2 years probation for my first dui in Jefferson county. Iv been on probation for about 5 months with 1 missed drug test due to a long work day and no way to get to a testing facility on a snow day. Iv been almost completely compliant and should be done with all my requirements by late November, early December. A little earlier than the one year mark. Iv been reading online and a lot of counties will let you off probation early if you finish everything and follow all the rules, but everyone in my alcohol class has been saying that Jefferson county does not follow that. Including my teacher who hasn't seen anyone if Jefferson county get off in 4 years being here. No matter what you have to finish the whole amount of time. So I was wondering if I could transfer my probation to another county and have a better chance of getting off early, or if I would still have to go infront of the Jefferson county judge come December. And if it would give me a better chance, how far would I have to move, would I still have to follow Jefferson county probation rules if I didn't get off early, and what plays into me being able to transfer. My lease is up in July and if moving over one county or two wasn't far enough than another option would be to move to my parents about 3 hours away.( don't want to give the area incase that is what I should go for) Sorry this is a lot and probably very confusing to most and not worded the right way at all, but I just want to get off probation as soon as I can and Jefferson county is not the best place for that. Thank you too all who read or look at this post and hopefully this keeps me out of moving to my parents for no reason. Cheers.
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