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  1. the terms of the agreement were as long as he made the payments and stayed current he could keep the car, if not I would take the car back.
  2. There was only a verbal agreement not a written one. When I say I am the primary owner I mean I am the first owner of the car listed on the title and my ex is listed as the secondary. the payments were roughly $222 a month. I was fine with him owning the car as long as he kept it in good standing and made the payments, since it would be affecting my credit. Since he failed to do so when the car was repossessed I did what I had to do to make sure I got the car back to regain my credit. I just received a restraining order on him today. I hope that clarifies some. thanks for the responses!
  3. Hi, when I was in a relationship with my boyfriend he needed a car so we put it in my name because of his bad credit. He sold his old car to use as a down payment, but we both made monthly payments towards it throughout the relationship and I was the primary owner of the car. We broke up in December and I let him keep the car because he said he would make the payments. I asked him many times to be taken off of the title but he refused to sign it. I just found out that he has not made the last three payments because a repo man showed up at my door looking for the car I did not have possession of. I told the repo man where he could find the car, and when received at the lot I made the payments and got the car out. He told me numerous times he intentionally tried messing up my credit and I have witnesses to prove that. My question is if I can sue him for the past due amounts he refused to pay when it was in his possession and he refused to take me off the title. Would he be entitled to any of the down payment back since he showed absolutely no intent to make a payment for three months which then led to him losing possession of the car. I fixed the issue and got the car to fix my credit, am I entitled to the money I am out, and will he be entitled to receive any of the down payment back? I am in the process of getting a harassment restraining order, he has threatened me and to damage my vehicles. Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks.
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