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  1. Or how does that get dealt with then?
  2. ok well if it was a factor in the case could the plea be taken back and then dealt with?Could that also be a reason to take back a plea?
  3. How would it be dealt with before sentencing,a motion to suppress evidence ?And can testimonies like that be used?
  4. If there were witness that were found through interrogations that were suppressed can they be used for agravating factors even though they were illeagly obtained through coercion and will being overborne ?
  5. What are some of the best companies to use to learn how to maximize online marketing and video blogs?
  6. If I hire private council right ater sentencing can I file for the habeas and reconsideration and to withdraw?With an attorney that does really care about doing his job?
  7. I did not understand exactly how bad mouthing my attorney would do me any good if the motion was granted, he really would not have my best intrest in mind.Please remember I have never been arrested before.
  8. Retired, no I was not asked the questions like that,I was not explained barely anything from my attorney.And I also did let the judge know I was not happy with the attoney the day before trial actually I tried to fire him in open court.
  9. Im very sorry,I did not think I was getting answers,i was not reading the second page.Thank you guys very much.
  10. Can a motion to withdraw the plea have IAC within it? And the state is il.Can a motion to withdraw the plea be made after the sentence?
  11. If you file a motion to withdraw the plea,can you add things about the case like things that were suppressed that the state was using as a reason also?
  12. I thought you could file a motion to reconsider sentence and atthe same time a motion to withdraw plea?
  13. Is there a diffrence between taking back a plea before you are sentenced,or after you are sentenced?
  14. Not only being not being guilty there are many reasons of taking back this plea.
  15. I would have to say I was pretty much pressured to take a plea,like I said this is something I am not guilty of.We are talking about experienced attorneys v.s people that have never been arrested before.
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