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  1. Since the poster indicated his father had "passed", this might be difficult. Thank you for pointing this out.
  2. Your attorney is in the best position to answer these questions. You may be paying him an arm and a leg, but an online community can only speculate about your circumstances. You should also inquire about getting a guardian and/or conservator appointed for your father, who may no longer be able to handle his own affairs.
  3. Not a stupid question. Are you looking for a financial advisor in the United States or in the Bahamas?
  4. My suggestion is that you seek legal counsel. An attorney can help you with any claim you have against the other driver and any benefits you have available through your own insurance company. Otherwise, you will have to rely on your own instincts or the advice given to you by friends/family/strangers which may or may not be accurate. You should review your own insurance policy to see what it says about health insurance coverage and claims against other drivers so that you are more knowledgeable about it.
  5. Encourage her to get some counseling for her depression and substance abuse. You and I don’t know the cause(s) for her behavior, and if you truly care for her, you will have to accept that one day she may not want you in her life anymore because the relationship is part of what is triggering these behaviors.
  6. If your girlfriend is suicidal, you should definitely offer her some support and comfort right now. It might be beneficial for her to talk things over with someone who listens without judgment. There are suicide prevention hotlines that give advice and referrals and her college campus most likely has counseling available to her. I don’t think there’s a need to tell her parents that she is a prostitute, but I would tell them that I was very concerned about her because she didn’t seem like herself; that she seemed overwhelmed with things. I say this not because I think you would be charged with a felony, but because I doubt you know all the facts. Are you sure she’s still attending college? It would be challenging at best to complete her assignments and attend classes on a regular basis if she is drunk or stoned all the time. Her behaviors are cries for help and should not be disregarded. I am interested in knowing what felony your friend believes you would be committing by telling your girlfriend’s parents about her extracurricular activities.
  7. Are you suggesting the doctor should have delivered this news to you and/or your mother without her hospital roommate present? You know that just isn't always possible or practical. If you or your loved one(s) have ever been in a hospital, you also know very well that any number of doctors come in and out as part of your loved one's care. While I agree that this news probably should have come from your mother's primary physician, that did not happen. So what exactly do you want done? Do you think your tape recording will be like a smoking gun of sorts; i.e., when you whip out your recording the doctor will cave and offer you a substantial sum of money for your emotional distress? That is not likely to happen. My advice for you is that if your mother's death is imminent, focus your energies on making her last days as comfortable and stress-free as possible. On second thought, even if her death is not imminent, focus your energies on making whatever days are allotted to her as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
  8. No one visiting this website knows your or your granddaughter's circumstances. We don't know why you have had "cps involvement," we don't know where your granddaughter's parents are or what their status is. We don't know the status of your granddaughter's paternal grandparents or if they are interested in and capable of raising their granddaughter. If you really love your granddaughter, please allow her to have the best possible outcome even if that means you have to step back. She deserves to be living in and raised in a loving and stable environment. Being removed from an unsafe, unhealthy or dangerous environment to a stranger's home has been hard enough on her.
  9. You said the plumber wants you to pay $1,100. Did you pay him? If you are going to sue the plumber for the return of the money, you would file in small claims court. No one can say with any certainty what your chances of prevailing are. Your neighbors' statements may not carry much weight in court because they are self-serving. If you can get a statement of an expert witness, such as a reputable plumber who would be willing to testify on your behalf, you could be more successful. You could also contact your credit card company and dispute the charge.
  10. An eviction would force you from the premises you were renting. Unless the park has some sort of restraining order that prohibits you from being within so many yards of its office, I can't think of any way they could prevent you from visiting someone in the park.
  11. None of us has a crystal ball to know the outcome of your court hearing. Yes, I assume the argument you had with your boyfriend was verbal as opposed to a nonverbal argument. The fact that someone called the police would indicate that things were getting out of hand. There is much more to this story than you are telling. An agency looking out for your children's welfare would hardly stay involved for 8 months because of a minor disagreement you and your boyfriend had. Your children deserve to live in a clean, stable, and secure environment. If you and your boyfriend cannot conduct yourselves in mature and healthy ways, you need to break it off with him. Move in with relatives if you must, but don't endanger your children's lives by continuing to have a relationship--much less a live-in relationship--with someone who brings out the worst in you. Don't blame the 18 year old babysitter for letting social workers into your home. He could hardly have refused. You sound like you have your hands full with work and two small children, but even a 4 year old can be taught to help put her toys away each night.
  12. Most courts will have more than one judge presiding over matters filed in that courtroom. When one files a case, the court assigns it to one of its judges randomly. A judge may recuse himself/herself from a case to which he/she has been assigned when he/she feels that he/she is not qualified to serve as the presiding judge due to any number of reasons, including a lack of partiality or a possible conflict of interest.
  13. pg1067, are they not “retarding the passage” of the mail by holding onto it?
  14. 18 U.S. Code § 1701 - Obstruction of mails generally US Code Notes Authorities (CFR) prev | next Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.
  15. Do you really need someone to tell you that the second package belongs to someone in Florida? If a cashier mistakenly gives you change for a $20 bill when you gave her a $10 bill, do you think it is right to keep it? Possibly the company who shipped your father the headphones would not be able to trace the extra set of headphones to him, but they would have to absorb the cost of another set plus the shipping costs to satisfy the paying customer in Florida. Eventually costs like that are passed on to their customers in the form of higher prices and higher shipping costs. Yes, your father is responsible for righting a wrong. That is the morally correct thing to do. If you want to research laws along this line, look up “unjust enrichment.”
  16. You will have to hire another attorney to help you with this—there doesn’t seem to be any way around that. As one of the beneficiaries of your father’s estate, you should have been informed of the value of the assets of the estate at the time of his death. the proposed disposition of any assets as well as accountings of all income received from the sale of assets and any expenses incurred. When you brought your cousin’s actions to the attention of your attorney, what was his or her response? Is your mother living? If your father’s will was filed for probate, it should be a matter of public record. You can obtain a copy of the will and the complete court file for the priice of photocopying the documents. If you wish to file a grievance against the Texas attorney, you may find this information helpful: Filing a grievance against a Texas lawyer
  17. In what state did your parents reside? In what state do you reside? Was an estate opened? Who was named as personal representative of the estate? I'm not familiar with creating a trust for an estate. It is more common for an estate checking account to be opened (in the name of the estate) to pay bills incurred by the estate. In my state, probate court handles decedent estates. The name of the court in your state may be different. If your parents had substantial assets, possibly the court would require that the personal representative put up a bond. You will need to retain an attorney to help you sort this out. It isn't clear to me what the current status of the estate is. If your brother died and your cousin reneged on everything, is the estate in limbo? I doubt that any ancient artifact would be labeled "B.C."
  18. You cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and not expect to be viewed by lenders with some caution. I highly doubt your credit scores are as high as you believe they are, and while you may be able to get a loan, you can expect to pay a much higher interest rate and have other contingencies that would not be required of an applicant with more stellar credit. You are kidding yourselves. Don’t forget to pay Grandma back.
  19. It looks like the Order appointing your mother as guardian of your son was entered in January of this year. This online community does not have the benefit of knowing the reasons your mother gave for requesting that she be appointed his guardian, and we do not know what she testified to at the hearing held on this matter. All anyone’s best advice would be for you to retain an attorney to petition the court to modify or terminate her guardianship. You would almost certainly have to give clear and convincing evidence that you are now a fit and responsible parent and able to care for your son. In future, don’t sign papers that you haven’t read. You are the parent of a young child; he and his care and welfare should occupy most of your time and energy. That won’t allow you much time—if any—for going out with friends, but your role as a parent is/should be more important anyway.
  20. Your son has lived with his father for five years, a good portion of his life, and you've been denied custody once already. Has there been a change in circumstances? Why exactly is your son miserable? It is a very sad situation for everyone, but why uproot him yet again? It may be that he has an unrealistic expectation of what life would be like with you and that he would be miserable with you once life became routine again. It is indeed sad that his parents live so far apart. I hope his father can get him some counseling so that he talk these things over with someone.
  21. A lot of women who experience domestic violence seek protective orders to keep (or attempt to keep) their abusers away. I don’t know why you chose to have a baby with someone you say has violent tendencies and a drinking problem, but your children deserve way better than that. There were and are many women’s shelters available to give you and all of your children refuge, but instead you abandoned your daughter with your abuser and did nothing. You ask what you could have done. It seems like a moot point at this stage, but if I’d gotten a two-hour advance warning that my boyfriend was leaving with my child, I would have called the police for assistance. You’ve told your story several times and in several ways but the answer remains the same: Get an attorney. The fact that you say the police and others tell you there is nothing to be done leads me to believe there is much more to this story.
  22. The legal requirements vary from state to state and possibly from community to community. You'd be well served to meet with a business attorney who can go over the various types of business entities and advise you on what is best for you. The attorney could also advise you or research licensing requirements for your area.
  23. Your post is very difficult to read because it doesn't contain any punctuation (other than question marks) or breaks--it is one very long sentence. Was paternity established for your daughter? Was a custody/visitation order put in place? You should see an attorney about custody and visitation of your daughter. You may be able to get a free consultation or get help from a legal aid society.
  24. How is title to the house held? What provision for the house was contained in your Judgment of Divorce?
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