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  1. Medical treatment was terminated after I finished physical therapy and they released me back to duty.
  2. Thank you for your response diamond I wasn't able to tell if I was injured at the accident. The other driver pulled out in front of me and I was traveling at speed limit of 55. I felt pretty rattled after. I was instructed to drive the damaged vehicle to home office wasnt given a choice. When I was asked to unload the boxes I told my supervisor about the back pain. Supervisor still instructed me to move the boxes. I moved the boxes myself. Thanks for your reply. There was a catscan done at the first hospital but my Dr told me it could not clearly show muscle and tissue damage. I went to home doc after I was released from first hospital and my doc ordered an Mir. Work comp denied it and they sent me to physical therapy. Pts told me he my injury was probably a ruptured disc.The pain has returned since pto.
  3. There was 2 work related injuries in one day while on the job. The first injury was a car accident. We have the police report that states the other driver was at fault. (Pulled out in front). Contacted supervisor at scene and was instructed to drive the wrecked vehicle two hours away to home office. When asked by supervisor if I was ok I stated I wasn't sure. I had back pain during the drive. When I arrived at home office supervisor asked me to load some boxes into another vehicle.During that process my back gave out and I fell to the ground could barely move my legs. Supervisor took me to local hospital. She told them I hurt my back lifting boxes. Failed to tell them I was in a vehicle accident. She filed a claim to workers comp on the incident of moving the boxes but not the car accident. After several Dr appointments and physical therapy I was told by the physical therapist I had a ruptured disc in my back. Now I received notice that workers comp does not want to pay all medical bills. They refused to allow an MRI. My back still hurts, I am still working and I am worried about future complications with my back. My supervisor nor the organization I work for will not take responsibility for not filing a claim for the accident.I was treated for picking up a box not for a car accident. I have contacted a couple lawyers who want to go the route of collecting money from the other driver. My concern is that my supervisor failed to follow procedure and now I have an injured back and cannot afford the medical bills workers comp won't pay. I can't seem to find a lawyer who will take the case.
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