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  1. yo!!!!! slow your role homie. Nikki is my homgirl. I got that number from Leno. Tell greedy why aint he said sometin to me? I aint trying to holla at nikki. She my buddy. Tell that jealous mother ****er to sit his ass down somewhere

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  2. What up? This Stacy's uncle, Lawrence. Tell her send me some pics.

    1. ewett
    2. ewett


      Ok I'll be there and ok

  3. is this Lp?

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    3. NoFaceNoCase


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    4. NoFaceNoCase


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  4. Your attorney should be filing for a motion and request hearing on full discovery. The state cannot legally hold out on discovery until trial. Good chance there isnt anything in the video, if there is a video, that can be used in trial. Talk to your lawyer
  5. I am not a member of the class but is the statute tolled (in illinois) to the time of discovery of the injury? My cardiologist has now confirmed that my symptoms meet all the characteristics of the adverse affects of the diet drug FEN-PHEN. My biggest obstacle now is getting a lawyer to take interest because of my current incarceration. I have no access to google, so any help Findlaw members can attribute would be greatly appreciated, and quite beneficial to all those involved in the refferal. Thank you
  6. Is anyone familiar with the FEN-PHEN class action settlement? What if a person within the last year found out he/she recent complications are a result of ingesting that product and has a licensed professional attesting its legitiamcy? I know the claim is time-barred, but not sure as to the stipulations of the settlement agreement. The staue of limitations in Illinois states 2 years from the time a person found out or should have had reasonable knowledge of the injury. Is there still a number to call? Or how can a person obtain a claim form?
  7. How are you? I need communication if you are interested

  8. Hi. I saw your post. I am interested in talking to you about this matter. I am on daily.

  9. Is there any possibility you can provide information for Illinois state medical licensing and disciplinary board? Thanks

    1. FindLaw_RE


      Hi LegalLawrence0721,

      Is there specific information about the Illinois medical licensing & disciplinary board that you are looking for?

    2. LegalLawrence0721


      Yes. I wnat to make a complaint. Would you be able to give me an address? Or is that a Findlaw violation? Thank you!!!

  10. or should i say can i use there mental state to get there statement thrown out.?
  11. somone who is bi-polar be a reason to have there statment or testamoni withheld or withdrawn from court ?
  12. Thank You. I understand that the definition of "abuse" is construed to be more than gross neglegent in federal district court. But in my situation the jail gave me wrong meds and for 3 weeks I bled internally not knowing until I was rushed to hospital for life-threatening measures. I just had heart surgery and am suffering symptoms of atrial fibulation and they wont assess me unless I am practically unconscious. I have asked federal court to take jurisdiction over my custody and appropriately remedy the my situation that no longer violates my 14th amendment rights. I feel like I am being punished and have not been convicted of a crime. Thanks for your feed back.
  13. Lets say I am being held in a county jail pending trial or resolution of a criminal matter but I am being recklessly mistreated for serious medical needs by medical in that jail; Can U.S. District court intervene and secure my 14th amendment rights? Maybe take jurisdiction over my custody in that jail?
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