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  1. To all of you, I do not know who you are, I am asking legal questions, that evil daughter tried to break me and my husband up, I think his ex wife still loves them even know they been divorced over 25 years but my husband and I been married for 13 and they keep trying to break us up, , I wanted to see if there's anything we can do, I will seek an attorney in person if I continue to get harassed and file a restraining order against the both.. THanks fr reply's until everyone knows the situation , you will understand
  2. How can adoption be permanent? we will make sure she is not listed in the will, I am the beneficiary , If children could divorce there parents. why can't we divorce adopted children whom are adults.
  3. My husband was in a previous marriage before me and he adopted his ex wife's child when she was 13, she is now 34 and she hates me and my kids, my husband saw the way I was treated and how she was raising her kids against me and my husband made the choice and have told her he didn't want nothing to do with her anymore, things would never work out because of the way I was getting treated. My question is to any laywer in mobile AL, Is there something my husband can do to unadoption or divorce from her where her mom and her family can not harass us any more and they are out of our lives completely? she is married right now and her mom always adds her adopted name to her marriage and it makes me sick! I want her out of our lives for good!
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