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  1. I am definitely job hunting but how in the world can anyone justify any kind of employment action because their relative wasn't hired and treated like all other applicants? Why should I be subjected to anything or have to take a lower paying unemployment check because someone else is arrogant? That's what wrong with this country today people think because they have money or title they can do whatever they want and don't have any consequences, I'm sick of it and will take legal action IF I am terminated. Indiana is an at-will state but the employer has to prove some just cause. I use to process unemployment claims for a hospital and know damn well there is no JUST cause!!!! And yes race has a lot to do with this especially when I know for sure these narrow minded managers won't hire because of race and gender, its a good Ole boy system to keep minorties, women or other protected class out, i can count on ONE hand how many minorties were hired all of last year. For a moment I thought maybe just maybe this company was a forward thinking place but with all the ridiculous stuff I've been through they are not and just as racist and closed minded as the pathetic racism of Jim Crow and before
  2. I am recruiter for a public accounting firm and was working on a position to fill. Long story short, the managing director over the whole firm is furious because his nephew was sent a standard declination email that is sent to all applicants who are not moved to the next step. Before I sent the notice, the hiring manager that's seeking this position was sent a copy of the resume and my interview notes and also did not select this applicant. Neither one us had any knowledge it was the CEOs nephew and have an email showing the CEO knew his nephew had applied but didnt tell anyone who he was because he wanted his nephew treated fairly but now mad because his own CFO didn't select his nephew over a phone interview? I'm very upset and feel I have a right to sue for discrimination as there are similar situations like this, if he wanted his relative why not just bring him in the office...I am African American and from day one had a very difficult time with management because I recruit for the entire firm and conduct normal recruiting methods based on a person's qualifications and skills and need NOT on someome's family member or friend/referral that is not qualified. Many people are refused by hiring managers at this firm because of their age or race or because the narrow minded manager doesn't want to hire someone they don't know. If I get terminated I will sue as I have no performance or attendance issues, no write ups and even got a raise within my first six months, but if this stupid idiot decides to terminate me because his relative was treated like all other applicants what can I do?
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