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  1. My lawyer has the copies of all of the papers ,the Deed , The Deed Of Trust and The Civil Suite I don't understand why my lawyer couldn't appeal the Civil Suite ! I have to come up with questions for the deposition on the 20th . I will ask to see proof of a Check that they stated that they have. I will ask if he has a will written by his mother and signed? I will ask if he has a letter stating that she paid for the Property in Full and I wouldn't release the Deed of Trust ? I will ask If they check to see that the Property that I owned and sold in the last 45 years ever Had a Deed or a Deed of Trust that they know of that wasn't Signed by me and my husband ? I will ask if on the evening that he went to his mothers home if in fact he wasn't told by My family members that the Property and part of the furniture in her home did in fact belong to me. I will ask how many times a month did he visit his mother ? How many times in the last year had he visited his mother. I will ask if he knew what his mother owed. what her birthday was. Did he know that she wasn't well and hadn't been able to work or keep the job she had because of her health and surgery's that she had and needed I will ask did he know that his uncle lived on her property and in her home to help take care of her and her animals and with bills. I will ask why he took his uncles money and then didn't let him live there as he agreed. I will ask why he ask my brother what he was going to do with the furniture in her home that belong to me .My brother told me when ask this question he was told by Mr. Jones that he would burn it first before he would give it to me. I will ask if his Aunt Nancy, Aunt Loretta,Aunt Cathy, Uncle Randall and Uncle Allen were in his mothers home when the paramedic's came and removed his mothers body from her home. I will ask if they were told or shown any furniture or belongs that no longer belong to his mother. I will ask if he knew his mothers wishes as to what she wanted as far as her funeral . and what she would be buried in.I will ask why he said that he didn't know that his mother had made known to her closest family members that she wanted her son and his wife and children to have nothing that belong to her. And as a matter of fact wasn't he told by his aunt Nancy and Lorretta these facts. And did he not read the deed and deed of trust that wasn't signed or released due to the fact the property had not been paid for. If there is any thing you can think of I left out Please Please put here so I can ad it to mine. i NEED ALL YOUR PRAYS FOR ME AND MY SISTERS Thank you B.J. B6Carrof9
  2. Hi , I am praying that you will help me to do what it takes to reclaim my property . I got the copy of my deed of Trust where my sister signed the papers and now I have to go to my Lawyers office on February 20th for a deposition with Jones lawyer and them. First let me correct they date I owner financed my property to my sister was November 6 1998 not 97 . My lawyer wants me to make a list of question that we want to ask them and I really don't no where to start . My plate is full now . My brother died February 6 and I am in a fog ! My brother lived with my sister part of the time and in a camper in her front yard the rest of the time my sister died on February 9th 2015 and on February 6 we had a service for my brother who has lived on my farm ever since she died . I am so sad now because we became so close and now he is gone.He will always be in my heart just like my sisters . He would always say a prayer before we ate and he would always say to watch over the people that liked him and the people that don't. I know he is in heaven now with our family and God. I am sorry if it seems like I am crazy because I guess I am . I don't wont to go to my lawyer without proper questions to ask so I am hoping you have a few for one thing I contacted the lawyer that did my bankruptcy and he said that in 2002 when I did the Bankruptcy was a long time ago and that he didn't have the files anymore and since I let Martha put the Deed in her name and held the Deed of Trust that he was sure that he told us that because it was in her name not ours that Martha would have to claim it if she ever did a Bankruptcy . He said he would write me a letter stating this and help me any way he could . I made an appointment to meet him at his office and I sent my husband to pick up the letter that explained this. He told my husband that he wanted to research it some more and he would have us a letter in a few days . That was last month and now he won't even return my calls.I will call again today. The reason that this fact was so important was the Jones and the Lawyer they have took out a Civil Suite in or around March of 2016 because my sister also did a Bankruptcy in 2004 and she didn't claim my property either and so they stated in the suite that we had lied to the court and that it was fraud and that because of the Statue of Limitations I couldn't claim my property and that is when I first began writing to you last year . I spoke to the lawyer I had then and he said that they could take me to court on that fact and that I would lose and they said they had a Check from the First Trust bank for $28.500 that Martha had borrowed and that they were sure she gave it to me for the property I was selling her. The amount was $29.000 with 9% interest for 10 years and she didn't and couldn't Pay me. She couldn't work because of her health and had to give up her job. When I told my lawyer that the Statue of Limitations was over a decade old and that I had called my bank because I knew that they didn't have a check that my sister gave me due to the fact that my Bank told me that back in 1998 they would have burned all checks and that they didn't keep any other records . My Layer got mad and said if I didn't take the $2,500 check and sign the Deed of Trust that he wasn't going to be my Lawyer any more and that it would cost me $5.000 to hire a new lawyer and that he had given his worded to the Jones and that I need to sign. I fired him and hired a new lawyer .and this is where we are now . They never had a check they don't have a will and they don't have a letter saying that it would go to her son but on my deed it says I can claim my property at any time it also says that Martha could not claim it she took a Bankruptcy . Pray for me I need your prayers . B6Carr of9
  3. In 2015 when my sister died 1 month after I hired a lawyer . Because the Lawyer who did my Deed and Deed of Trust had retired and had no info of this case the Lawyer I hired wanted to be the Trustee over my Property I paid him $1,000 to take my case and signed a contract with him to let him be the Trustee and to protect my rights . I paid $600.00 to put it in the papers to sell it and My lawyer kept putting it off stating we needed to give them more time and that the bank needed more time and it was a go and then it wasn't. The lawyer my sisters son hired came up with a lie stating that they had found a check that the bank gave my sister $28,500 and that they thought that she paid me this check in 2002 because the amount I was selling it to her for was $29,000 They put this in a Civil Suite and my lawyer said they hadn't shown him any proof so it was for sale again . I contacted my bank because they were looking at my bank records to see if my sister gave me a check . There wasn't a check and they lied to the court stating that the bank gave a check to my sister and that they thought she gave it to me. My bank told me that there wasn't any record of a check and after 6 years all checks and films would have been burned.I told my lawyer this and he got mad . 2 days before the sale my lawyer told me that they were offering to give me $2,500. to sign the deed of trust and that this was to save them money to go to court also said that if I didn't take the check and sign the deed that he wasn't going to be my Lawyer and it would cost me another $5,000 to hire a new lawyer and that he had given his word that I would take the check and sign. I got mad and ask him what about his word to me and thats when I fired him and he sent me another $1,000 bill for time spent on my case I paid it but I ask him why I was charged so much and he said I should read the contract I signed . After a year with no court date I hired as new lawyer that wants me to get more papers and he is doing a deposition with Jones lawyer and them and wants me to come up with question to ask .We both did Bankruptcy's mine in 2003 hers in 2004 and neither one of us claimed my property my lawyer at that time told me not to claim it because the deed wasn't in my name and I wasn't getting paid . They tried to scare me with saying I could face charges for fraud .even if they didn't have a check to me for the money owed. like you said this has gone on way to long I had to give him my furniture because I didn't take a lawyer to claims court and because of the dead mans law but I am not rolling over and playing dead and give him my land. I have contacted the lawyer who did my Bankruptcy and he said he would see what he could do as far as writing me a statement to take to the court about the laws and how they changed in 2005. I am just praying that he does and that I get a judge that will listen to my lawyer and that he will stand up for my rights I hired him in March this past year and I still haven't gotten any where I got the records he ask for and I am having the Bankruptcy lawyer do a letter but as far as question to ask I will have to think hard on it. If you have anything to help me please do my sis wanted to pay us but she couldn't and her greedy son thinks he is in titled to have what is mine .One more point is that 2 of my sister did a letter to the court to state that I wasn't paid and that the furniture was mine and they had them notrized but the court wouldn't admit them and I couldn't bring up what my sister who died wanted because of the dead mans law. My brother even went to court and told them that he lived there with my sister and they called him a liar and the Truth is that her son stood in Court and lied when ask if he knew that his mother didn't want him to have anything that belonged to her and he said he didn't no that . But 3 sisters and my brother were there that night and they showed him what was mine .I lost that round but I hope to win this one . Sad part is all of the people that lived close to sis where told that Jones or his family was to get nothing that belonged to hers. Please help me keep what is mine. Thanks BJ
  4. yes i think she signed it but we didn't because it stood as lien against my property.
  5. After my sister died in Feb. I hired a lawyer in March to reclaim. He wanted me to take $2,500 and sign the Deed of Trust over to him and I said No..He said that he had given his word that I would take the check and sign the Deed of Trust and if I didn't Then He would no longer be my Lawyer and that it would cost me another $5,000 to hire a new one. I fired him and did get a new lawyer but I am trying to get info before I get took again this is the second Lawyer to take this case and I have to get the info for him so far I have done some of the leg work but still concerned . On the one hand I have a lawyer saying I have until 2018 and another saying that the limitation law is up.
  6. I gave my sister my word that she could live on my property as long as the taxes were paid and she would try to get a loan to pay me this was not written down . But Since I didn't sign or release the Deed of Trust I thought I was protected .
  7. Let Me see if I can explain this better! Ok here goes When I agreed to sell my Property to my sister I gave her a deed and I I had the Deed of Trust Recorded at the Court house that had the amount to be paid the interest and the amount of years to repay the $29,000 that I owner financed . This was drawn up my my lawyer stating that if she failed to pay I could take back my property . There was also a Promissory note also stating the interest the date to which payment was to be made and the 10 year loan agreement . My lawyer put all of this on my deed and deed of Trust. I had a house fire in 2014 that destroyed all of my papers and records so I no longer have the Promissory note . I do have the Deed of Trust that is unsigned by me or my sister that is still in the court house. My sister used the deed to borrow money in 2002 and some how gave the loan company a deed of trust that she signed to them but the First Deed of Trust has never been released or signed by me or my sister and is still at the Court house. She didn't tell me about borrowing money or pay me for my property which her son is saying that he believes she paid me with the money that she borrowed. He has no proof and she didn't pay me so now he claims that he believes that it was paid for even though she was sick and unable to pay me before she died. Her son didn't even know her birthday when he buried her. He has lied in court and lied to my family and now wants my Property. She didn't have a will and as her only son son his lawyer is saying that he can claim my property and because I no longer have the Promissory note and that this property would have been paid for if she had made the payments or borrowed money to pay me. His Lawyer is saying because I didn't have a new contract drawn up that the Statue of Limitations is up and her son is entitled to my property. They took out a Civil Suite and lied saying they had a check in or close to the amount that would have paid off my Property to get this Civil Suite , they stopped me from selling my property because of this lie and because I didn't have the Note I called my bank and learned that they destroy all checks and films after 6 years and there wasn't a check. I am trying to find out if the statue was up when the loan would have been paid for or 10 years after the loan due date . Sorry this is a bit confusing . Please help me !
  8. Hi , I have a question about the laws in the State of Tennessee about reclaiming Property Land and the Statues of Limitations TO CLAIM Property .I sold property to My sister in 1997 .She became ill and unable to work a short time afterwards I choose to let her keep the Deed and I put a Deed of trust in the Sullivan County Court House that was drawn up by My Lawyer at that time that state that the payments were to be paid in a 10 year time limit and if for any reason it wasn't I could then reclaim my land She and I worked out an agreement that because she was sick and had no place to go that as long as she paid the land Taxes each year and took care of this property then she could live there until she got better and could refinance it . I have heard to different answers to my question . My sister didn't pay me for my Property and she died in 2015 .At this point her only son now says that it is his and we both have lawyers, the property should have been paid for in 2008 and the his lawyer says that I should have made a claim to reclaim during this 10 years that it would have been paid but because she was my sister I didn't force this because I never signed the deed of trust over to her that states my rights to my property . Another Lawyer said that I had from 2008 until 2018 to claim my property before the Statue of Limitations ran out and at that point I would loose my rights to my property. Can any one tell me which answer is right because we didn't 'put a time limit on paper except for the repayment in 10 years. I have been trying for 2 years to get my Land back but because he is the only child he went to court to be over her estate and is Taking me to court because of this Statue of Limitations . Please help me if you can! Thank you for your time B6Carrof9
  9. I just wanted to say thank you to Doug and all the other people that tried to help me. I will contact a new Lawyer on Monday and take my papers and Deeds to him . One more question as the Lawyer that took this case is the Trustee and I fire him do I remove him from my Deed of Trust and how is this done. No more topics after this thank you and may God bless you and yours. BJ
  10. Hi , I have 2 weeks to figure this out and I don't have anyone to ask about this mess , If I fire the lawyer that says he is going to quit if I don't sign the Deed of Trust and papers that was sent to him .As I see it all he did was take my money and let them file a Civil Summons motion to keep me from F/C. he wrote to me and said that even if they couldn't take me to Court on the Perjury that they could bring up the Bankruptcy where I didn't claim the property and that his word to Jones Lawyer was at steak and that I would need to hire a new Lawyer . I told him I would think own it and now as I am going over the Summons that states that they think I was paid and this Check that they say I got didn't happen .I want what is mine and right is right ! Yes I did a Bankruptcy in 2002 and didn't claim my property as the Deed of Trust was in place and my lawyer said not to include it , my sister who had a clear deed didn't claim it either and this is in the Civil Summons to. Please I walk blindly in to court and had to give him my furniture because I bring up my sister because of a dead mans law and the fact that my lawyer said that we could say the same things he could. I have this on my mind 24/7 . please give me your Honest answer on this. I made a promise to my sister that he wouldn't get this property or her things and now I need to know do I have a snow ball chance in hell or not. I will look for your answers later. BJ
  11. Do you think I have a chance to get my 3 1/2 acres back if I hire a new Layer and fire the one that hasn't helped me to claim my property . I should have been able to F/C last March.My lawyer wants me to sign the Deed of Trust and take the $1,333.40 and to me that would be crazy .My sis payed the land taxes every year and even though she couldn't make the payments she is my sister. Please take the time to answer this for me so I can let it go or fight for what is mine and what my sister wanted. BJ
  12. I know that your time is valuable but I am unsure of my rights and as I see this Yes I took a Bankruptcy in 2002 .Then My sister took a Bankruptcy in 2003 ,we both used the same Lawyer as and The Lawyer for the Jone's is claiming that I was paid for my property and that there is a check somewhere close to the amount that was to be payed to us and that because I didn't claim my property in the Bankruptcy that he will say that I shouldn't be able to claim it now. Here is my point I contacted my bank to see if and what this check was as they stated a First Trust Bank deposited in my bank. My bank said that they can only go back 6 years and that there wouldn't be a check as they destroyed them after so long and they claim this check was at the time same time I did this Bankruptcy in Feb.2002. 14 years ago! My sister didn't claim my Property when she took a Bankruptcy and we both used the same Lawyer and I was told not to claim my property because of non payments and the fact that she was the one with her name on the Deed. We Have a Deed of Trust That is a lock tight document that explains in detail my rights to my property . My sister didn't want her son to have it and she thought since she owed me and Wells Fargo he wouldn't be able to take it.
  13. I didn't claim my property in 2002 my sister didn't claim the property in 2003 so why can't I claim my property as I follow my Bankruptcy Lawyers instructions ? I can wait and see if they take me to court to on this charge . A good lawyer would have protected my rights as the are set forth in My deed of Trust . Help me if you can and thank you for your time B.J. P.S. Do I have a case ?
  14. First let me state that I only have a 7th grade education and I am disable and 63 years old so I didn't catch a lot of things that my teachers taught because I didn't get to go to school because of being in a family of 9. I was the child that got up at dawn and chopped wood carried in the coal slopped the hogs and cleaned the house.The only chore I didn't do was cooking.By bedtime I was worn out . I wanted to go to school I cried when I was kept at home because at school I could play and not be beat with what ever was handy . I am only telling you this so you will see why that I can't do paragraphs. You are correct about most of it the we is my husband and myself . You are right both of us failed to claim this property and now because of the lawyer I had then who told me not to claim it ,you are saying I could. Wells Fargo Bank is the Lien Holder on the property as my sister borrowed money against the deed and signed papers on the deed of trust to them.I was told that because my deed of trust was filed in Court first that My deed of trust was the deed that held this property. In 2015 in march I hired a lawyer that was to F/C. He set dates and then he canceled saying that he had to let them have time to look in to my accounts .The bank didn't have papers to bring forward so my sister son went to court an was appointed over her estate.His layer was the one stopping the F/C stating the 2 Bankruptcy's and one in 2002 the other in 2003 and my Lawyer who we appointed over the Deed of Trust said that they could take us to court on the perjury charge that we could stall them . in the papers that my sister son took to court they stated that there was a check in 2002 that was put in my bank for almost the amount less $500.00 . I know that this wasn't true so I didn't sign the papers .If sis had given us $29.000 we would not did a Bankruptcy we could have paid our bills off . I called my bank and ask them if they could send me a copy of the check that his lawyer said was put into my account. I was told that they can only go back 6 years after that the file were destroyed. So another lie . As we both thought that our lawyer was right to ask us not to include this property and I had no way to know of her Bankruptcy is there away out of this. My lawyer is a property lawyer and would have know that the Perjury was invalid and that 16 years after her passing there wasn't a check . He wants me to sign the papers and then give him more money. Thank you B.J.
  15. Can anyone please write me back ,I need to know what I can and can't do to claim this property, also if I can't get the court to give me this property back as I have the deed of trust that was signed by my sister and filed. Can I put a lien against the property for the money that I didn't get before I sign these papers ? Please write back and help me if you can. B.J.